Internship in asset management: practical information

Internship in asset management: practical information

If you are up for a challenge and curious to learn more about asset management, this course is for you.

The course consists of an academic component and an internship facilitated by Finance Norway.  Among partner companies are independent asset management companies, as well as asset management entities belonging to banks and insurance companies.

The mandatory academic module will take place in April 2023 at NHH (11, 12, 14, 17, 20 and 21 April)  followed by a 5-week summer internship. The dates for the 5-week internship is agreed between the student and partner company directly.

Reflection workshop will be arranged in August 2023 and the closing session will take place in September 2023. Dates for the reflection workshop and closing session are to be confirmed.

You find more detailed information about the workload and the learning outcome in the course description for INT411 


The launch event for the course will take place at NHH on 24 January, 2023.

This will give an introduction to asset management and how it is as a profession, as well as more details regarding the course.

Admission requirements

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd  semester full-time master student at NHH (any major).
  • English fluency, both oral and written.
  • Highly motivated.
  • Norwegian language skills are not required, we aim to match non-Norwegian speakers with partner organizations with English as a working language.

NB: Section of Admissions (

Application procedure

  • The online application will open 20 January, 2023.
  • Application deadline is 1 February, 2023.
  • Eligible students will receive links to KIRA-video interviews (online interview platform) to be completed by 5 February, 2023. The link will be sent to the student email address. 
  • On the basis of KIRA-interviews, 20 students, plus a waiting list of 10 students, will be selected. Short-listed students will be informed by 1 March, 2023.
  • Selected students must reply to the offer by 3 March, 2023.
  • Finance Norway will match selected students to the partner companies by 15 March, 2023.

Your application will be assessed by the Section for Admissions. Applicants are evaluated and ranked based on KIRA-interviews. KIRA-interviews are focused on motivation and personality-related questions: e.g., your motivation to apply for this course; your ability to work in diverse teams; etc.

KIRA-interviews do not include questions related to your knowledge of finance in general and asset management in particular.

To Submit your application:

  1. Go to Søknadsweb
  2. Choose "Internship in Asset Management"
  3. Make sure to upload your CV (will be used by Finance Norway to match applicants with partner companies).
  4. Other documentation will not be taken into consideration

Documentation requirements

  • English CV

Note: CV must include work and volunteer experience, appointments (Norwegian: “verv”), international experience and language skills.


The INT411 Internship in Asset Management course is graded (Pass / Fail). 

This course cannot be included in the degree if taken in combination with INTERN-A-M / Grunderskolen / Innovation School / Social entrepreneurship. Courses not included in the degree will be shown in a separate transcript.

Please note that that this course cannot be included in any of the majors, and if included in the degree it cannot count as part of the 22.5 ECTS that has to be in a different subject area than the major ("breddekravet").


Accommodation: Students are required to organize accommodation during the internship period.

Additional costs: Travels, general living expenses, accommodation, insurance.


This is a paid internship with a salary determined on the basis of 450,000 NOK per annum.


For questions regarding admission process please contact

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