Internship/traineeship in Europe

Internship/traineeship in Europe

Students who are planning an internship/traineeship in Europe as part of their degree or within 12 months after completing their degree at NHH can apply for an Erasmus+ grant.

Traineeship during or after your degree

Students completing the following types of traineeships can apply to receive an Erasmus+ grant:

  • Requirements for a traineeship

    Requirements for a traineeship

    The traineeship must:

    • Last from 2-12 months (minimum duration is equivalent to 60 calendar days)
    • Be approved as an Erasmus+ traineeship well in advance 
    • For students who complete a traineeship after graduation, the traineeship must be approved before graduation and completed within 12 months after graduation
  • Where can you complete a traineeship?

    Where can you complete a traineeship?

    • In an Erasmus+ programme country (EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey)
    • Students are responsible for finding the company or organisation where they want to do their traineeship
    • EU institutions and Erasmus+ national agencies are an exception where it is not possible to complete an Erasmus+ supported traineeship
  • Financing


    Scholarship rates for long-term mobility August 2024 - June 2025
    • 680 euros per month for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Sweden
    • 620 euros per month for other program countries
    • A month is counted as 30 days, after which payment is made for individual days beyond this
    • Students with fewer opportunities receive an additional grant of 250 euros per month. Students with fewer opportunities who are going on internships are entitled to both the additional grant for students with fewer opportunities and the additional grant for internship students.

    Grant amounts 2023-2024:

    • 610 euro per month to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Sweden
    • 560 euro per month to other programme countries
    • A month is equal to 30 days (February=28 days) and extra days will be paid out individually

    It is possible to receive wages or other benefits for the traineeships at the same time as the Erasmus+ grant. 

    The grant will be paid out at the start of the traineeship.

    Please note that the grant will be paid out in Norwegian kroner using the exchange rate of the day we received the funds from the Ministry of Education and Research. At the moment, and until further notice, the exchange rate is 9,85. 

  • Insurance


    • The Erasmus+ programme requires that students who complete a traineeship has adequate health, accident, and liability insurance. The student can be insured by the sending institution, receiving institution, or by the student. NHH does not provide any type of insurance to students completing traineeships.
  • How to apply for E+ grant

    How to apply for E+ grant

  • After the traineeship

    After the traineeship

    • Turn in the last part of the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships titled "after the mobility"
    • Report back to the Erasmus+ programme and NHH. You will receive links by e-mail
    • Complete a new OLS language assessment
  • Contact person

    Contact person


    Internship abroad course

    Recent graduate and ENEINT

Internship after graduation (recent graduate)


Students will be registered with "poststudierett" (post graduate right to study) during the internship period. This means that the regular right to study will be closed and the diploma will be issued. The "poststudierett" does not come with a right to register for courses. The semester fee must be paid.

This only applies for students who are completing a internship or traineeship after graduation.

Have you received an Erasmus+ grant for an exchange?

Students can receive an Erasmus+ grant for up to 12 months per level of studies.

  • Example: a student who has completed an exchange semester in Europe at the master level that lasted for five months and received an Erasmus+ grant can receive an Erasmus+ grant for up to seven months for a internship