During and after your Exchange

During and after your Exchange

These are things you need to know while you're on exchange and once you return to NHH.

Do you need help? 

Make sure you know what to do in case of an unforeseen event or challenge.

  • Emergency help

    Emergency help

    • Contact local police, fire service and/or ambulance/medical services in emergency situations. If you can't make yourself understood, try to find someone who can translate for you.
  • Less serious situations

    Less serious situations

    • Contact the coordinator at your host insitution and/or the coordinator at NHH in less serious situations. 
  • State of Emergency

    State of Emergency

    • In cases of emergency, your must follow the orders and regulations from local authorities. 
  • Dangerous Situations

    Dangerous Situations

    • In emergency situations, follow the advice given by the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate/Foreign Ministry. 
  • Travel Registration

    Travel Registration

    • Once you arrive at your host institution, you should register at the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate to let them know you've moved.
  • Follow Rules and Regulations

    Follow Rules and Regulations

    • Follow rules and regulations in the host country you're in. Keep in mind that norms and rules, written and unwritten, may be very different than in Norway. A good guidebook or website on the country may be useful. 
  • Keep your Family Updated

    Keep your Family Updated

    • Keep your family updated in cases of emergency or in dangerous situations, even if you are safe.
  • Are you unhappy?

    Are you unhappy?

    • Talk to the coordinator at your host institution and at NHH if you're unhappy and you wish to withdraw from the exchange program. 
  • The Norwegian Seamen's Church

    The Norwegian Seamen's Church

  • Emergency App

    Emergency App

    • Download the Seamen's Church's emergency number app before you leave. The app includes all local emergency numbers regardless of which country you're in. 


Grades and Recognition 

  • Fail


    • If you fail a course on exchange, and you cannot re-take the exam, you will need to take additional courses at NHH once you return to NHH. This is the case irregardless if you were due to graduate or not.
    • Completing fewer than 30 ECTS on exchange will not affect your Erasmus+ grant. 
    • If you fail a course on exchange, and you went on exchange in the 6th semester (Bachelor) or 4th semester (Master), you will have to apply for an "Additional Period of Completion".
  • Transcript


    • Once you've returned from exchange, you must ensure that you receive your transcript from the host institution and send it to us at international@nhh.no. Alternatively, you must ensure that the host institution sends the official transcript to international@nhh.no. 
    • The official transcript needs to be a verified PDF with stamp/signature/digital signature, or a physical copy. We do not accept screen shots. 
  • Recognition


    • The exact processing time for incorporating the courses you've taken on exchange into your degree depends on which semester you were on exchange, and how quickly you hand in your transcript to NHH. Generally speaking, the processing time is longer if you've been on exchange in the spring semester than in the autumn. 
  • Exchange and Diploma

    Exchange and Diploma

    • The courses you take during your exchange will be recognized as pass/fail, without grades. 
    • Once you finish your undergraduate or graduate degree, your exchange will be registered with course names, host institution and the number of credits you completed.



  • Student Survey

    Student Survey

    • You must fill out a student survey once your exchange semester is completed. 
    • The survey will be sent to your NHH email at the end of your exchange period.
  • Erasmus+ Survey

    Erasmus+ Survey

    • Erasmus+ students will receive an additional survey directly from the Erasmus+ digital platform. 
    • NHH cannot re-send this survey should a student for one reason or another not receive it.