Additional period of completion

Additional period of completion

Students who have not completed their study programme within the nominal length of study will be granted an additional period of completion.

In the additional period of completion you shall complete the bachelor’s or master’s degree programme you have started.

How to register

Register for an additional period of completion via SøknadsWeb

Choose "Additional Period of Completion MSc" from the menu. 

The registration is open for students who started on the MSc in Economics and Business Administration programme in the fall semester of 2018.

The right to study for students in the mentioned programme will have expired June 20th. This is unproblematic. You will still have access to Studentweb and your NHH e-mail account in order to register for the additional period of completion autumn semester 2020.

Students who have not used all their examination attempts, may resit exams in previously passed courses. You are not allowed to take any new courses other than those required to complete your degree.

The additional period of completion can last for up to one year, but it will be terminated once you complete your degree.

The provision can be found in section 2-6 of our regulations.

Regarding VISA extensions:

Some of you need may confirmation from NHH that you will be studying here the coming semester in order to renew your student visa.

If you have an urgent need for these documents, please contact A student counsellor will review your study progress. The Service Centre will then be able to provide you with the documentation you need in order to renew your visa.

If you do not have an urgent need for confirmation from NHH in connection to your visa extension, we encourage you to wait until further information is published on this website.