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Career Centre

Kickstart your career. The Career Centre serves as a focal point for NHH students with international ambitions and the business sector in Norway.

OUR Services for students

CAREER Guidance

The NHH Career Centre is available for career guidance during the teaching period. Talk with one of our career guides about career choices, job opportunities or how to combine your studies and an internship or part-time job. 
For quick feedback on Cven, we recommend using our AI tool from CareerSet:
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Here you will find instructions for use for CareerSet. The service is fully GDPR compliant and registered with the UK's protection authority, the Information
Commissioner's Office (ICO). Your information is not shared data with any unauthorised third parties.
You can also get feedback on your application documents (CV and cover letter) or individual interview training.
Here you can make an appointment with one of our career guides:

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If you are wondering what career guidance is, take a look at the video on this website.
We also offer coaching sessions on Thursday. Please write to us at to make an appointment for coaching or if you have any other questions.

Sammen Career Services offers also career services in Norwegian and English, advice on CV and cover letter writing, interview training and traineeship programmes. 


ComBINe Courses and Internships

NHH offers various options to combine an internship with course work at NHH.


The Career Centre organises courses and workshops throughout the year. These are continuously published in our career platform JobTeaser. Here is an overview of our course portfolio: 



Interested in an internship with a local company? Every autumn local companies recruit international MSc students from NHH. Apply through JobTeaser


Join the Career Centre's International Career Fair during the NHHS Career Days in September, for a special focus on work abroad. Meet recruiters at their stand from the following companies.

Make sure to follow the activites of the Business Committee, they organizes various company presentations and fair throughout the semester. 


Make sure you make the best possible choices when it comes to an international educational profile. If you envisage an international career now or later we advise you to include NHH language courses as part of your degree. Good communications skills are necessary to succeed internationally and in most cases documented language skills are required for international jobs. And don’t forget: languages open your horizons in many aspects, not only professionally.

If Norwegian is not your mother tongue and you envisage a short or long term career experience in Norway, it is crucial to learn the language. NHH offers high quality Norwegian courses to our foreign students. Do not underestimate employers’ requirements regarding Norwegian language skills! Or the fun you can have learning it.

Are you aware of the ample exchange possibilities NHH offers both at bachelor and master levels? A great number of NHH students take a semester or more abroad as part of their NHH degree. For further information see the pages on exchange opportunities. Have you considered joining the CEMS Programme or the Double Degree Programme?

Our Services for employers

Are you looking for a NHH student or recent NHH graduate to work for you outside Norway, either as an intern, trainee or a permanent employee? Or to hire an international NHH student to work for you in Norway? The Career Centre assist you in the process.   

Read more about our services for employers


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Code of Ethics

You can rest assured that:

  • We respect you and the situation you are in

  • We have the necessary competencies and use them to your advantage

  • Our conversations are confidential

  • Together we will consider whether the counselling is working to your advantage

  • In our collaboration you will be met with interest and curiosity