Internship abroad Bachelor

INTERN-A-B Internship abroad Bachelor

Spring 2023

  • Topics

    This course combines an academic component with an internship outside Norway. International work experience is enriching and can contribute to increasing your/a candidate’s attractiveness on the job market, both in Norway and abroad. The academic component of the course maximises your/the student’s learning outcome as you/he/she will learn to observe, describe and reflect over what it means to work in an intercultural environment. This course has its own process of admission. Please see the following website for more information on how to proceed with an application:

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion of the course the student will have acquired the following:


    • Experience with working in international environments
    • Knowledge in the field of intercultural communication relevant for international work experience in general and for the country in which the internship take place
    • Insight into the dynamics between intercultural theory and practice


    • Ability to use "reflective thinking" to observe, describe and analyse cultural differences in the work place

    General competence

    • Increased sensitivity to intercultural differences in the work place
    • Increased ability to work smoothly and effectively in an international/multicultural work environment, both in Norway and abroad


ECTS Credits

Spring, summer, and autumn. Offered spring, summer, and autumn 2023.