A strategic alliance which aims to set a global standard of excellence for pre-experience Master’s in management.

CEMS is an alliance of 34 world class academic institutions on five continents, 70 leading multinational companies and eight NGOs.

CEMS was established in 1988 as a European alliance, and integrated the first non-European academic institutions in 2008.

NHH joined the network in 1992. Only one school from each country is awarded partnership.

Members of CEMS form part of a highly professional, multicultural exchange of management ideas that represents the future of global business.


CEMS sets a global standard of excellence in management education, through its unique Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) degree programme, taught at each of its member universities.

The CEMS MIM is nurtured by a long-standing teaching and research cooperation between all parties.

The Financial Times rated the CEMS MIM programme as first overall in their 2009 ranking of top European Master’s in Management, and the program has permanently featured in the top three since the rankings creation in 2005.

Students attending the Master of Science (MSc) programme at NHH are eligible to apply for admission into the CEMS MIM programme.

The CEMS MIM programme at NHH

Cultural diversity

CEMS also offers an outstanding level of cultural diversity. More than 18000 CEMS graduates of 111 different nationalities currently (November 2023) occupy positions at various management levels in a broad range of industry sectors across Europe and beyond.

CEMS alumni hold senior corporate management positions across all major activity sectors. These are truly citizens of the world – dynamic, multicultural, open-minded and with the highest professional standards.

They are successful in their chosen profession, share global values, and participate in CEMS Alumni social and professional events.

The Corporate Partners participate relative to the academic elements within CEMS, but they also get a unique opportunity to recruit the best students from the CEMS MIM.

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