10. Update on the program

10. Update on the program

It has been a while since our last post but we worked heavily on many fronts.

First, we developed the teaching program further, and I am happy to present a first overview to you. The teaching program consists of 5 modules. The first module is on personal and professional development. It is a preparation module in which we prepare students for the application process with the participating companies, for potential cultural challenges during the stay in Germany, and for their future career (in an innovative environment) in more general. Module 1 takes place in Spring 2021 at NHH in Bergen, complemented with digital teaching forms. Modules 2, 3 and 4 take place in Germany. Module 2 is an eight week long internship in a local company. Module 3 and 4 consist of two teaching weeks. One after around 4 weeks into the internship. The other after the end of the internship. Finally, Module 5 is a reflection workshop in Bergen. The reflection workshop aims to reflect on the individual experiences but also on learning from one another. The whole program will award 30 ECTS, of which 10 ECTS are the internship.


Second, we can also share some good news from the internships. Even though these are difficult times for many corporations in Germany, we received positive feedback from a number of (very interesting) companies. A few already agreed to participate, and others signaled serious interest and will come back to us after the holiday season. Once we finalized the partnerships, we will share more details here. Be excited, we definitely are!

Third, we are also in the middle of writing the application for DIKU. Keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, we developed a marketing plan towards our students, and launched a preliminary website. The website will be continuously updated but it was important to spread the news about the deadline - October 15 (synchronized with the Gründerskolen).