11. Funding application submitted

11. Funding application submitted

We submitted our application for to Diku as part of the call "Økt arbeidsrelevans i høyere utdanning".

During the last weeks, we worked intensely on an application to Diku (Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education) for funding of our program. The deadline was on September 23. We worked until the last minute, and hope to be successful. But the competition is fierce.


We also started to market the program among our students. Last week, we participated in the international career days at NHH. In the pciture below Ann-Mari is moderating the webinar on innovation. We will intensify our efforts during the next two weeks as the application deadline is October 15. We will summarize our efforts in a later post.


Starting on October 1, we will also start publishing our corporate partners. We are still working on finalizing the network of corporate partners but it is looking good, and we are very optimistic to meet our target by the end of the year.
Our goal is to offer a variety of industries and to be attractive for students from all profiles. I do not want to share the names now but the confirmed partners includes a portfolio of attractive employers - among them three DAX30 companies and four venture capitalists.