Courses in Business Analytics major before autumn 2020

Courses in Business Analytics major before autumn 2020

Select courses equivalent to 45 ECTS according to the plan below for a major in Business Analytics (BAN).

Please note: all students are required to have at least 2.5 ECTS from the courses designated "Ethics".

Business Analytics - from autumn 2018

Programming - minimum 7,5 stp

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN400 BAN400R Programming for Data Science 7.5 Autumn
BAN401 BAN401Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business 7.5 Autumn
BAN420 BAN420Introduction to R 2.5 Autumn
BAN421 BAN421Data Structures in R (expired) 2.5

Predictive analytics - minimum 7,5 stp

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN404 BAN404Predictive Analytics with R 7.5 Spring
FIE453 FIE453Big Data with Applications to Finance 7.5 Autumn

Business Modelling - mandatory courses

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN402 BAN402Decision Modelling in Business 7.5 Autumn
BAN403 BAN403Simulation of Business Processes 7.5 Spring

Master's Thesis

Code Name Stp Semester
BANTHE BANTHEIndependent work/thesis in Business Analytics 30 Autumn Spring

Electives - Business applications

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN424 BAN424Applications of Business Analytics 2.5 Autumn
BAN425 BAN425Applied Risk Management 2.5 Spring
BAN427 BAN427Insurance Analytics 2.5 Autumn
BAN433 BAN433Applied Cloud Computing for Enterprises (not offered) 2.5 Spring
BUS401 BUS401Strategic Profitability Analysis and Pricing (expired, replaced by BUS401E/BUS401N) 7.5
BUS427 BUS427Advanced Management Accounting (not offered) 7.5
BUS429 BUS429Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS432 BUS432Operation Management 7.5 Spring
BUS432E BUS432EOperations Management (not offered) 7.5
BUS460 BUS460Operational Risk Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS465 BUS465Corporate Crime: Detection and Prevention 7.5 Spring
ECN431 ECN431Applied Data Analysis of Firm Strategy and Competition (not offered) 7.5
ENE434 ENE434Energy Industry Analytics 7.5 Spring
STR453 STR453Digitalization 7.5 Spring
BUS403 BUS403Supply Chain Management 7.5 Autumn

Electives - methodological courses

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN423 BAN423Benchmarking with DEA, SFA, and R 2.5 Autumn
BAN426 BAN426Applied Data Science 2.5 Spring
BAN430 BAN430Forecasting 7.5 Spring
BAN432 BAN432Applied Textual Data Analysis for Business and Finance 7.5 Autumn
ECN430 ECN430Empirical Methods and Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance 7.5 Spring
ECO401 ECO401Optimisation and Microeconomic Theory 7.5 Autumn
FIE458 FIE458Deep Learning with Applications to Finance (expired) 7.5
STR459 STR459Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 7.5 Autumn
BAN431 BAN431Econometrics and Statistical Programming (expired) 7.5