New employee at NHH

New employee at NHH

This page gives you information about living and working in Norway. We hope that you will find this useful when considering taking a position at NHH, or when starting here.

Please note that this information is only meant as preliminary guidance for you. You should always contact the relevant Norwegian authorities for the most updated and precise information.


The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI) has a comprehensive website that explains the different visa application processes that non-Norwegians have to follow depending on their country of origin, and how to apply for work permit.

The UDI's Application Portal Norway might also be useful.

Always check UDI's home page to keep yourself updated with the latest procedures.

Please note:

  • Offer of employment form: We can provide you with an “Offer of employment” form. This must be delivered to The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration together with the residence/visa application, and the checklist.
  • Application for residence and work permit: Here is an additional checklist which needs to be sent with the residence and work permit application. The checklist must be signed by you.
  • When you have applied for residence and work permit, we kindly ask that you inform the NHH Office of Human Resources immediately.


NHH has five rooms at Hatleberg Studentby at our disposal. These rooms are normally reserved for international PhD research scholars arriving for the first time, but can also be rented by others if they are available. If you are interested in renting one of the rooms, please contact the NHH Office of Human Resources on

You can find other useful information about accommodation at Euraxess' pages on housing.


If your stay exceeds six months you will probably need a Norwegian bank account.

In your meeting with the bank, bring along your:

  • Passport
  • The official document showing your Norwegian ID number
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit

Further useful information is found on the Euraxess banking page.

TAXATION, Pensions and insurance

Employees at NHH are members of The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK). SPK also provide insurance and housing loans. Read more about SPK.

In order to start receiving a salary from NHH, you have to forward your bank account details to NHH Finance and Accounting office, and apply for a tax card at the Tax Office (Skatteetaten). Your tax card is valid for one calendar year, and will be renewed each year in December/January.

personal tax return will be sent to your registered address in the spring of the year following the income year. The tax return is to be completed and submitted to the tax authorities by April 30 in the year following the income year. You will receive an End of the Year Certificate (Årsoppgave) from your employer with some basic information on the salary and allowances you have earned in Norway. Please include this information in your tax return.


We encourage all international employees to learn Norwegian, as this will be useful both for work and social activities. Read more about the importance of learning Norwegian at Euraxess' webpages.

The Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication provides free Norwegian language courses for international employees at NHH.