Travelling to Bergen and NHH

Travelling to Bergen and NHH

How to get to and around Bergen, and to NHH from the city centre.

NHH and Bergen seen from the north. Photo: Hallvard Lyssand, NHH

Updated 27 May 2024.

Direct by plane

Several airlines fly to Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO) from international or national airports.

Getting to the city centre

The airport is approximately 20 km South-West of the city. There are three main public transport options from the airport to the city centre:

  • The Bergen Light Rail – the slowest, but cheapest
  • The Airport Bus – faster, but more expensive
  • Taxi – the fastest, but most expensive

The Norwegian Airport Authority, Avinor, has a webpage with details about these options. You can find information about car rental on the same web page.

Avinor's rail, bus and taxi webpage

OSLO to Bergen by rail

The railway company Vy operates a regular service four times daily between central Oslo and Bergen. The journey takes 6.5-8 hours depending on which departure you choose. The train passes through picturesque mountain and fjord areas and arrives in Bergen city centre.

Find timetables and prices, and purchase a ticket at Vy's website.

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Buses to NHH from the City Centre

NHH is situated in Helleveien 30, a less than 10-minute bus ride north from the city centre.

You can get different kinds of bus tickets from ticket machines at the stop, from bus company service centres, from some kiosks and shops or by downloading the Skyss ticket app.

You can also buy a single ticket from the bus driver, but please note that this will require Norwegian currency in cash or a credit card, and that it is much more expensive than other options due to a price supplement for paying on board.

Read more about tickets and prices at the county’s public transport authority, Skyss.

Go to  the ticket page

The following northbound buses run through the city centre and pass NHH frequently as of May 2024:

  • 3 Støbotn
  • 4 Flaktveit
  • 12 Lønborglien
  • 19 Åsane terminal
  • 16E Øyjorden

There are several bus stops in the city centre where you can get on the mentioned lines. There are digital signs at the stops that tell you when the next bus is due to arrive.

Once you have embarked, signs on board will announce the name of upcoming stops. Get off the bus at “Handelshøyskolen” and you only have a short walk left before you arrive at NHH. Welcome!

You can return to the city centre from a southbound stop even closer to NHH. The buses will have the same numbers as mentioned above, but different destinations.

Please note that buses marked “E“ for express, may not go through the city centre, but through a tunnel to the central bus station in the southern part of the city centre. Southbound lines 26 and 27 also uses the tunnel and do not go to the city centre or the bus terminal at all.

By taxi

Taxis are available from taxi stops in the city centre or by order via phone or different apps.

driving to NHH

Visiting address:
Norges Handelshøyskole
Helleveien 30
5045 Bergen.

NHH on Google maps


NHH has a parking lot for employees and guests. Access is restricted between 5 AM and 3 PM. Guests who need access during office hours must contact NHH’s Service Centre via an intercom on arrival at the parking lot barrier. There is no parking fee for guests.

Map of NHH's campus

Find your way round NHH using Mazemap.


A visit to Bergen will allow you to enjoy our historic and picturesque city and experience the surrounding areas of this “Gateway to the Fjords of Norway”.

With its long history as a hub for trade, seafaring and craftsmanship, and its strong ties with the rest of Europe as one of the Hanseatic cities, Bergen is a bustling centre for commerce, shipping, energy production, marine industry, as well as music and culture.

Its Hanseatic wharf Bryggen has gained a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The official website for Bergen and the region:

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The Visit Norway-site also has a section about Bergen