• Workshop and Conferences

    Workshop and Conferences

    April 12-13, 2018
    Second Nordic Annual Environmental and Resource Economics (NAERE) Workshop 
    September 09-10 2016
    Natural resources and governance
    June 16-17 2016
    Economic of resource wealth
  • Seminars


    26 June M.P. (Marcel) TimmerUniversity of Groningen
    Economic Development in Task Space: What You Do in Exports Matters
    12 June Torfinn HardingNHH
    Commodity prices and land regulation in Brazil
    22 May Chiara Ravetti, University of Oxford
    Oil Lubricates Trade: International Effect of Fossil Fuel Discoveries
    15 May Artashes KarapetyanBI, Oslo
    Salience and Mispricing: Homebuyers’ Housing Decisions 
    8 May Pierre-Louis Vezina, King's College London
    Dutch Disease Resistance: Evidence from Indonesian Firms
    7 May Martin C. Schmalz, University of Michigan
    Anxiety in the face of risk" and  "Horizon-dependent risk aversion"
    24 April Gernot Doppelhofer, NHH
    Determinants of Economic Growth Redux: A Measurement Error Model Averaging Approach 
    17 April Inge van Den Bijgaart, University of Gothenburg
    The cost of the status quo: Exploration or innovation in the face of scarcity
    11 April Chiara ForlatiUniversity of Southampton
    Trade and Domestic Policy in Models with Monopolistic Competition
    20 March Giulia Pavan, Toulouse School of Economics
    Green Car Adoption and the Supply of Alternative Fuels.
    6 March Katalin Springel, Resources for the Future
    Network Externality and Subsidy Structure in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Incentives
    24 May Antony Millner - LSE
    Non-paternalistic social discounting
    19 April Jesus Crespo Cuaresma - WU Wien and NHH
    I just estimated 4 million fiscal multipliers
    22 February Håkon Tretvoll - BI
    The Type of trade matters, 
    8 February Corbett Grainger - University of Wisconsin-Madison
    State compliance with federal regulations: Using remote sensing to test for strategic ambient pollution monitor siting
    23 November Katinka Holtsmark - UiO
    Green Bandits, 
    16 November Tommy Sveen - BI
    Commodity futures and forecasting commodity currencies
    8 November Marcus Hagedorn - UiO
    A demand theory of the price level
    25 October Fredrik Wulfsberg - Oslo and Akershus University College
    Stylized facts of price dispersion
    5 October Ole-Petter Moe Hansen - NHH
    Determinants of long-term economic growth redux: A measurement error model averaging (MEMA) approach
    14 April Gernot Doppelhofer - NHH
    Recources crisis and doom