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Torfinn Harding is a Professor at the University of Stavanger, Adjunct Professor at NHH, and associated with the Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies and CESifo. Previously he worked for Statistics Norway, the University of Oxford and the University of Sussex. He holds a PhD in economics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2008).

His research focuses on economic development, with an emphasis on natural resources and international trade and investments. He leads a young-researcher project from the Research Council of Norway on tropical deforestation and economic development.  For more information read more here

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Cust, James; Harding, Torfinn; Krings, Hanna; Rivera-Ballesteros, Alexis Public governance versus corporate governance: Evidence from oil drilling in forests Journal of Development Economics Volume 163 (14 pages); 2023
Harding, Torfinn; Herzberg, Julika; Kuralbayeva, Karlygash Commodity prices and robust environmental regulation: Evidence from deforestation in Brazil Journal of Environmental Economics and Management Volume 108; page 1 - 20; 2021
Harding, Torfinn; Stefanski, Radoslaw; Toews, Gerhard Boom Goes the Price: Giant Resource Discoveries and Real Exchange Rate Appreciation Economic Journal Volume 130 (630); page 1715 - 1728; 2020
Folgerø, Ingrid Kristine; Harding, Torfinn; Westby, Benjamin S. Going fast or going green? Evidence from environmental speed limits in Norway Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Volume 82 (14 pages); 2020
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Introductory macroeconomics, Economics of resource rich countries