the Macro, Risk and Sustainability Centre is always interested in working with Master students on their thesis. You are welcome to discuss your own ideas, and we are currently proposing topics such as: 

Diversity in Firms: collect new firm level data from newspapers and articles through scraping information to document and analyse how firms incorporate the SDGs (gender equality etc.) into their firm policy. 


Wages and the Input Factor Labor: Explore the Norwegian register data to generate indicators measuring economic conditions around wages and the input factor labor. The analysis can be framed either in economic history, macro-economic modelling or in an empirical analysis.


Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Productivity, and Macro Outcomes: Using empirical macroeconometric methods to analyse finance-related topics with macroeconomic angles.


Housing prices in Norway during the pandemic: Was there a housing bubble in Oslo during the Covid-19 pandemic?


The following list shows some previous master theses written on topics within the centre's research areas, and with supervision from faculty at the centre.

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