The Macro, Risk and Sustainability Centre is always interested in working with Master students on their theses. You are welcome to discuss your ideas with us. Our main expertise is in the following areas:

  • We consider long run problems of economic growth, fiscal and monetary policies, social security, and inequality. In this line of research, we build macroeconomic models closely connected to the micro-data of households and firms.

  • We examine various short-run issues, such as theoretical studies of monetary policy in a new Keynesian framework, econometric studies of financial market behaviour and business cycles, and modelling and testing private agents' expectations.

  • We investigate very long run developments in quantitative economic history, particularly international business cycles and financial markets.

  • We undertake empirical research at the intersections of labour economics and macroeconomics with a focus on wage mobility, inequality, family policies and gender differences.

  • We advance computational and empirical methods in quantitative economics.


More concrete ideas for thesis topics are listed here.

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