Courses in Marketing and Brand Management minor before autumn 2021

Courses in Marketing and Brand Management minor before autumn 2021

To take Marketing and Brand Management as a minor, you need 22.5 ECTS from the profile’s portfolio of courses.

International degree students may combine three elective courses (22.5 ECTS) from the list into a minor concentration. International students are, however, not required to have a minor.

Note that the minor cannot include courses with course code from own major (this applies for all students starting their programme in autumn 2017 or later).

MBM - Minor in Marketing and Brand Management


Code Name Stp Semester
MBM400A MBM400AResearch for Brand Decisions 7.5 Spring
BAN420 BAN420Introduction to R 2.5 Autumn
BUS446 BUS446Sustainable Business Models 7.5 Autumn Spring
MBM401B MBM401BConsumer Behaviour 7.5 Autumn
MBM433 MBM433Customer Analytics in a Digital World 7.5 Spring
NBD406 NBD406Strategic Entrepreneurship 7.5 Autumn
MBM402B MBM402BBrand Management 7.5 Autumn
STR402A STR402AMethodology for Master Thesis 7.5 Autumn Spring
MBM420 MBM420Brand Strategy (expired) 7.5
MBM421 MBM421Managing Corporate Reputation (expired) 7.5
MBM422 MBM422The Collaborative Economy (expired, replaced by NBD411) 7.5
MBM424 MBM424Market Communication Effectiveness 7.5 Spring
NBD409 NBD409Value-creation by Design (not offered) 7.5 Spring
NBD410 NBD410Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (expired) 7.5
NBD411 NBD411The Collaborative Economy (expired) 7.5
MBM427 MBM427Distribution Channels and B2B Marketing (expired) 7.5
MBM432 MBM432Sustainable marketing 7.5 Spring
STR454 STR454Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (expired, replaced by NBD410) 7.5
MBM428 MBM428Product Development and Design 7.5 Spring
MBM429 MBM429Value-Creation through Service (expired, replaced by NBD409) 7.5
MBM430 MBM430Global Business Venturing (expired) 7.5
MBM431 MBM431Commercialization of Innovations 7.5 Autumn
ECN402 ECN402Econometrics 7.5 Autumn Spring
INB423 INB423International Marketing (new course code: MBM435) 7.5
STR404 STR404Strategic Analysis 7.5 Autumn
BAN401 BAN401Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business 7.5 Autumn
BUS449 BUS449Multivariate Analysis for Business Economics (expired) 7.5
BUS455 BUS455Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business (Expired, eplaced by BAN401) 7.5
STR421 STR421Competitive Strategy 7.5 Spring
STR405 STR405Methodology for Master Thesis (expired - replaced by STR402A) 7.5
ECN421 ECN421Behavioral Economics 7.5 Autumn Spring
ETI450 ETI450Corporate Social Responsibility 7.5 Spring
STR444 STR444Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (expired) 7.5
STR448 STR448Economic Organisation and Theory of the firm (expired) 7.5