Incoming exchange

Incoming exchange

You are welcome to spend a semester or a whole year at NHH in the beautiful city of Bergen.

Please note that only students at our partner schools can apply for exchange at NHH. We do not accept free-movers into our programs. You must apply for exchange through your home university. 

You can find the list of NHH partner schools here.

Fact sheet for incoming exchange students (pdf, 840 kb).

  • Nomination deadline

    Nomination deadline

    Nomination and application deadline

    You must be nominated by your home school for an exchange stay at NHH and have completed the application before the following deadlines:

    • 1 May for exchange in the fall semester
    • 1 November for exchange in the spring semester
  • Registration documents

    Registration documents

    Registration documents

    Students nominated for an exchange stay will receive instructions on how to register online as an exchange student at NHH. You must upload an official transcript of grades (showing all exam results), your passport or ID card and your CV.

    A TOEFL or IELTS test score is not required for exchange students, however, you must be able to follow classes, interact with the professors and communicate both orally and in writing in English without any difficulty.

    NHH will issue a letter of acceptance for you. The letter will confirm that you have sufficient funds to complete the period of study at NHH, as per the agreement between NHH and our partner schools. This letter will assist you in your application for a residence permit or a visa to study in Norway.

  • Accommodation in Bergen

    Accommodation in Bergen


    Housing is guaranteed for all incoming exchange students, as long as they apply within the deadline. Students cover the cost of housing themselves. Due to limited availability in student housing provided by Sammen - the student welfare organisation in Bergen. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee single room housing. 

    Follow this link for more information on accommodation, opening hours and how to get to Sammen.

    You must get to Sammen to pick up your keys by yourself and should plan to arrive in Bergen within the opening hours of Sammen. If this is not possible, you can arrange for someone else to pick up the key for you, or you must arrange alternative accommodation in Bergen by yourself, until Sammen’s service desk opens again.

  • Courses available for exchange students

    Courses available for exchange students

    Courses available for exchange students

    As a bachelor student in the last year of your studies, you can apply to take two courses on a master level if this is necessary to fullfil your study plan at your home university.

    Norwegian language courses offered at NHH are open for all international students.

    A full workload for one semester is 30 ECTS credits (four courses). A 7,5 ECTS course equals 45 hours of lecture time.

    Note that students coming on exchange to NHH and taking master level courses will not be able to use those courses as part of an NHH degree should they later receive admission to a full-degree master program at NHH.

  • Course registration

    Course registration

    The final course catalogue for the upcoming semester will be published approximately 20 June for the fall semester, and 20 December for the spring semester. You will receive information on how to sign up for courses during the Welcome Week. Note that there is no first come, first serve for any courses at NHH.

    • A few selected courses have restricted access. You can find a list of the restricted access bachelor and master level courses from approximately 20 June for the fall and December 20 for the spring. These courses have an application deadline at the start of the semester.
    • The last date to change your course registration is 1 September for the fall semester and 1 February for the spring semester.
    • Course registration is done in Studentweb and you will receive a username and password before the start of the semester you will be coming to NHH.
  • Visa, residence permit and insurance

    Visa, residence permit and insurance


    • All exchange students, except those from the Nordic countries, must obtain a formal residence permit from the Bergen police after arrival in Norway. 
    • Students outside Europe are required to have a visa to study in Norway in addition to a residence permit.
    • Exchange students from China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, South Africa and Taiwan must apply for and obtain a visa before arriving in Norway. Students from other countries can choose to wait until they arrive in Norway, but we highly recommend that you apply from your home country, as this procedure takes time.
    • Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland must obtain a European Health Insurance card in their home country before travelling to Norway.    
    • Students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland must have health insurance and travel insurance before travelling to Norway. Please note that this now also includes British citizens.
    • We recommend that all students have valid health and travel insurance during their stay in Norway. NHH does not provide liability insurance for students.

     The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's website.

  • Welcome week

    Welcome week

    There is a welcome week/orientation hosted at the start of each semester before teaching starts. We expect all incoming exchange students to attend this as there will be given practical information about being a student at NHH and in Norway. In the afternoon/evening there are social events where you can have fun and get to know your new classmates.

    • The welcome week for the Fall 2022 semester will start 15 August. 
  • Tuition fees

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees

    There are no tuition fees at NHH for incoming exchange students. These students are also exempt from paying semester fees at NHH.

  • Transcript of Records

    Transcript of Records

    You can download your transcript of records after your exchange semester is completed. You will find it on your StudentWeb page. 

    If you require a signed copy or a physical copy of your transcript of records, you can send an email to 

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