Incoming exchange

Incoming exchange

You are welcome to spend a semester or a whole year at NHH in the beautiful city of Bergen.

Application deadlines

  • 1 May for exchange in the autumn semester
  • 1 November for exchange in the spring semester

How to apply

Start your application to NHH after you have been nominated by your home university.

  • Who can apply for incoming exchange

    Who can apply for incoming exchange

    To qualify for exchange at NHH you must be:

    • A student at one of our partner schools.
    • Approved and nominated for exchange by your home university/school.

    We do not accept free movers in our exchange programme.

  • How to apply for incoming exchange

    How to apply for incoming exchange

    how to apply

    Complete these steps by the application deadline:

    1. Apply for exchange to your home university/school.
    2. Your home university nominates you to NHH.
    3. Receive two e-mails from us with instructions to apply - check your email and spam filter regularly.
    4. Log in at the application platform and fill in your profile.
    5. Choose relevant level/programme. Exchange students planning to take 2 or more courses at master’s level, should choose the option for master’s level.
    6. Upload required documents.

    Required documents

    • Transcript of records: Official document in English which shows previous courses taken at your home university/school.
    • Passport/ID: Scan of the ID page in your passport or your EU identity card.

    No other documents are required for us to process your application.

    Anything missing?

    If anything is missing in your application, we will contact you and give you a few days to provide additional information/documents. 

  • Learning agreement

    Learning agreement


    • A learning agreement sets out the study plan for your exchange.
    • It should normally be approved by the student, the sending, and the receiving institution.

    who needs a learning agreement

    You only need to get a learning agreement signed if your home university instructs you to do so.

    filling in your learning agreement

    Most students will need the following information to fill it in:

    • Receiving responsible person: Norunn Økland / Jorunn Sørdal - international coordinators -
    • Receiving administrative contact person: same as above
    • Academic year: 2023/2024
    • Planned start of the mobility: 14 August 2023
    • Planned end of the mobility: 22 December 2023 / 14 June 2024
    • The NHH Erasmus code: N BERGEN02 (only relevant for Erasmus students)
    • Course codes/names: see our course lists

    when do we sign learning agreements

    • Exchange students spring 2023: We sign learning agreements with 1-2 weeks response time.
    • Exchange students autumn 2023: We recommend that you get your learning agreement signed after 20 June, when the course list for autumn 2023 is updated. We will not prioritise signing learning agreements before this date.

    Online learning agreements

    We encourage all students and our partners to use an online system for signing learning agreements.

  • Courses for exchange students

    Courses for exchange students

    Course lists

    Course lists are updated for next semester by:

    • 20 June for the autumn semester
    • 20 December for the spring semester 

    Courses at bachelor and/or master level

    As a bachelor student in the last year of your studies, you can apply to take two courses at master level if this is necessary to fullfil your study plan at your home university.

    Norwegian language courses

    Norwegian language courses offered at NHH are open for all international students for free.

    course system at nhh

    • ECTS scale – A to F / Pass/fail
    • Full semester workload: 30 ECTS
    • One course is normally 7,5 ECTS (45 lecture hours)
    • Language of instruction: English (and Norwegian)
    • Free Norwegian language courses 7,5 ECTS

Completed your application – what’s next?

Your application status is “under consideration” at Søknadsweb (the application portal).

  • Check your email regularly

    Check your email regularly

    Don't miss anything - check your email

    We will notify you by email if/when:

    • Anything is missing in your application.
    • There are important deadlines coming up.
    • You have been accepted for exchange.
  • Get familiar with the admission timeline

    Get familiar with the admission timeline


    Autumn semester 2023:

    25 April

    Nomination deadline

    1 May

    Application deadline

    15 May

    Application deadline for student housing (Sammen)

    5 May to 1 June

    Letters of Acceptance and offers of admission published at Søknadsweb

    1 June

    Deadline to accept/decline offer of admission at Søknadsweb

    If your offer of admission is delayed, you will get an individual deadline after 1 June

    20 May to 15 June

    Student housing is allocated by Sammen         

    15 June

    Non-EU/EEA citizens only: Submit application for a study permit before this date is recommended

    20 June

    Course list is ready for autumn 2023

    20 June

    We can sign your learning agreement

    23 June

    Access to register for courses at Studentweb

    30 June

    Deadline to withdraw from exchange and from student housing contract

    14 August

    Welcome programme starts: Arrive in Bergen before this date

    21 August

    Lectures start: Sign up for courses by this date is recommended.

    1 September

    Final deadline to

    • Sign up for courses
    • Register as a student at NHH
  • Apply for student housing

    Apply for student housing

    apply 31 march to 15 may

    The application deadline for student housing is 15 May.

    • Exchange students are guaranteed student housing from the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (Sammen) under certain conditions.
    • We advise you to apply for student housing from Sammen, as it can be challenging to find housing on the private market in August.

    how to apply for student housing

    • Nominated students will receive detailed instructions in April on how to apply to ensure you qualify for the housing guarantee.
    • Instructions are sent to you from

    where to stay in bergen

    Options closest to NHH:

    Sammen will do their best to place you in one of the options you apply for, but they may place you somewhere else if your options are already filled.


    when will you receive a housing offer

    Rooms are allocated 2-4 weeks after the housing application deadline 15 May.


    The housing application system does not work on a first come first serve basis, but we still recommend that you submit your application as early as possible to ensure a stressfree process.



    • Most students will be offered a shared room starting in the autumn semester – to make sure all students get a housing offer.
    • If you are not able to share a room, you must submit a declaration to Sammen from your doctor (in English) that this will not be possible for you. The deadline to submit the declaration is also 15 May.


    tenancy agreement

    • The tenancy agreement normally has the standard dates of 1 August to 31 December for students applying for housing for the autumn semester.
    • If you apply for the whole academic year, the start date will also be 1 August and the end date will normally be 31 July, but can vary slightly.


    Read the tenancy agreement carefully before you sign it to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Once the agreement is signed, you are liable for paying rent for the entire duration covered in the tenancy agreement, unless you withdraw from your exchange altogether and notify NHH and Sammen about this by 30 June.

    questions about student housing?

    Do you have special needs for housing or other questions?

    Contact Sammen at

  • Receive your letter of acceptance from NHH

    Receive your letter of acceptance from NHH

    When do we process applications

    We will normally process your application in the first 2-3 weeks of May, so make sure you check your email often in this time period.

    application status

    The status of your application will be “under consideration” until we have processed it.

    how will you receive your letter of acceptance

    • The letter of acceptance is published at Søknadsweb under My documents when your application has been processed.
    • We will notify you by email when it has been uploaded at Søknadsweb.
    • Not all the letters of acceptance are published on the same date. We usually publish them once a week in May.

    What is the letter of acceptance

    The letter of acceptance is an important document you can use to:

    • Confirm your admission to your home university.
    • Apply for a study permit to the Norwegian immigration authorities.
    • Claim student discounts in Norway until you download the Student ID app.

    Your letter of acceptance confirms:

    • Your admission as an exchange student to NHH.
    • That you have sufficient funding for the study period.
  • Need to withdraw from your exchange?

    Need to withdraw from your exchange?

    Life happens, and sometimes students need to withdraw from their exchange. We really appreciate that you notify us as soon as possible if you need to withdraw.

    before letter of acceptance

    • Withdraw your application at Søknadsweb if possible, or
    • Email us at

    After letter of acceptance

    • Decline the offer of admission at Søknadsweb if possible, or
    • Email us at

Plan your arrival

Excited, but also a bit nervous about moving to a new country? No need to worry. Plan ahead with this checklist and have a smooth arrival in Bergen.

  • Apply for a study permit

    Apply for a study permit

    As an international student moving to Norway, you must have a valid residence permit for studies (study permit).

    Nordic citizens are exempt from this requirement, but you should register with the National Population Register if you will be living in Norway for more than 6 months.

    How to apply for a study permit

    How you apply for a study permit depends on your citizenship.

    Important documents

    • Letter of Acceptance: Confirms full-time admission to NHH as an exchange student, that you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses while in Norway – no need to transfer money to a Norwegian bank account, and that exchange students are not required to pay tuition fees.
    • Tenancy agreement: Confirms that you have somewhere to live while in Norway, from Sammen if you applied for student housing by the application deadline.

    Are you an EU/EEA citizen or non-EU/EEA?

    We use the same definitions as the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) at our website.


    1. Bring documents from home:
      • Passport or national ID card (must also include gender)
      • European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance
      • Letter of Acceptance from NHH (printed version)
    2. Register online after arrival in Bergen when you have received your Norwegian address.
    3. Register with the local police in Bergen (in person) with the required documents. A registration day will be organised by NHH in cooperation with the local police, and you will receive all the necessary information about this in August.


    Check that you have all the required documents:

    • In June for exchange in the autumn semester
    • In November for exchange in the spring semester


    • Online registration after you have moved in to your room in Bergen and received your Norwegian address.
    • Police registration is organised by NHH at the start of the semester, we send information by email.

    Apply as EU/EEA citizen (UDI website)

    Non-EU/EEA citizens

    1. Visit UDI's website about study permits.
    2. Find information relevant for your country, print the checklist, and gather the required documents.
    3. Submit your online application, if needed use the NHH organisation number: 974 789 523.
    4. Pay the application fee.
    5. Book an appointment to hand in your documents in person at the nearest Norwegian embassy/consulate or visa application centre.
    6. Register with the local police in Bergen after arrival. A registration day will be organised by NHH in cooperation with the local police, and you will receive all the necessary information about this in August.
    7. You will receive your residence card a few weeks after the registration.

    Remember to always follow the updated application procedures for your country at UDI's website. 


    The processing of your application normally takes several weeks. We therefore recommend that you hand in your application as soon as possible and by:

    • The middle of June for exchange in the autumn semester
    • The middle of November for exchange in the spring semester


    After you have submitted your application for a study permit, you must normally wait until you have received an answer before you can travel to Norway, but this also depends on your citizenship:

    • Need visa: You will automatically also receive an entry visa when you have been granted a study permit. Read more about this at UDI's website.
    • Visa-free: You can travel to Norway before you have received an answer to your application if you don't need a visa to visit Norway (visa-free countries) or you already hold a visa or residence permit in Norway or another Schengen country.


    It is possible for some students to apply for a study permit from Norway, but we strongly recommend that you apply from abroad as the process will be much quicker and smoother than if you start your application from Norway.

    Apply as non-EU/EEA citizen (UDI website)

  • Check when to arrive and book your ticket

    Check when to arrive and book your ticket

    Before you book your Ticket

    Read our tips on when you should arrive and how you can travel to Bergen below.

    When should you arrive

    • Before 14 August 2023.

    The autumn semester 2023 officially lasts from 14 August to 22 December 2023. You will find other important dates for the next semesters in our academic calendar.

    • From 1 August 2023 (if relevant).

    If you will be staying at Sammen Housing, you can pick up your keys from 1 August.

    • During Sammen Housing's opening hours (if relevant).

    If you will be staying at Sammen Housing, you must pick up your keys during Sammen's opening hours.


    If you arrive when Sammen is closed, you must make other sleeping arrangements for the first night or until Sammen opens again.

    How to travel to Bergen


    We encourage you to consider whether travelling by rail or bus could be an option for you. Find tips about green travel (and living) at the Green Erasmus webpage.


    when should i plan to leave bergen

    There is no official ceremony or event organised by NHH at the end of the semester, so when should you plan to leave Bergen and NHH? Consider:

    • When do you have your final exam?
    • Maybe you want to travel a bit in Norway after exams?
    • Do you want to travel and then leave Norway from another city?

    Exam dates: Depending on which courses you take, you might finish your exams earlier than the official last day of the semester. Exam dates will be available in late June for the autumn semester and late December for the spring semester.

    Lots to consider, but make sure you plan for a few days to say goodbye to new friends, pack and clean out your room, and maybe explore the last sights in Bergen.

  • Get health and travel insurance

    Get health and travel insurance


    All students must have valid health insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Norway.

    We strongly recommend that you also have travel insurance.

    EU/EEA students: You must bring either the European Health Insurance Card ( or documentation of private health insurance to Norway. 

    Non-EU/EEA students: You must have private or public health insurance to cover your stay in Norway or until you have become a member of the National insurance Scheme if you want to apply for this.


    Health services

    Read more about health services for students in Bergen.

  • Prepare for life in Bergen

    Prepare for life in Bergen

    how to prepare

    Here are some links to useful information:




    Customs: If you plan to send luggage to Bergen by post, make sure you fill out the correct papers to avoid having to pay customs on your own belongings. Read more at Norwegian Custom rules and regulations. 


    Address: Make sure you write your name on your postbox at the address you are staying in Bergen. If you stay at Hatleberg student hostel, write your complete address on the package you send: Your name, Hatleberg Studenthjem, Hatleveien 5, Block xx Room xxx (if you are in the F-block 203, you write Block F 203 A or B).

  • Special needs for exams and on campus?

    Special needs for exams and on campus?

    special needs for EXAMS

    NHH offers special arrangements for exams under certain conditions. Apply for special arrangements in the beginning of the semester (by 1 September/1 February), or check the rules for acute conditions.

    Read more about special arrangements for exams at NHH

    special needs on campus

    Exchange students with physical, mental or health related conditions can receive support services from NHH during their exchange period.

    1. Discuss your needs with the exchange coordinator at your home university.
    2. Ask your exchange coordinator to contact us at to make sure we can meet your specific needs during your stay at NHH.
    3. We will put you or your coordinator in touch with our contact person for special needs at NHH. This person will work with you to assess your support needs and will help with special arrangements while you study at NHH.
    4. You can apply for accessible student housing from Sammen Housing if needed, but make sure that you document your specific needs in your housing application. If you have any questions about student housing, contact Sammen at

    Read more about special needs arrangements at NHH.

Later in the process

  • Sign up for courses

    Sign up for courses

    You will receive information on how to sign up for courses at the end of June. In the meantime, here is some useful information:

    • There is no first come, first serve for any courses at NHH.
    • A few selected courses have restricted access. You will find a list of these courses in the course lists from 20 June for the autumn semester and 20 December for the spring semester. These courses have an application deadline at the start of the semester.
    • The last date to sign up for courses is 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester.
    • Course registration is done at Studentweb and you will receive a username and password before the start of the semester you will be coming to NHH.
  • Welcome week

    Welcome week

    There is a welcome week/orientation hosted at the start of each semester before teaching starts. We expect all incoming exchange students to attend this as there will be given practical information about being a student at NHH and in Norway. In the afternoon/evening there are social events where you can have fun and get to know your new classmates.

  • End of the semester

    End of the semester

    Order your transcript of records

    You can order your transcript of records after your exchange semester is completed at Studentweb.

    If you cannot log in at Studentweb, you can email the Service Centre at to order a transcript.

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