Special examination arrangements

Special examination arrangements

The deadline for applying for special examination arrangements is September 1st for the autumn semester and February 1st for the spring semester. Please send the form and documentation by e-mail from your NHH address to ensure encrypted communication.

This is an unofficial translation from the Norwegian version of the Supplementary regulations for the Regulations for the full-time studies and is provided for information purposes only. Authenticity remains with the Norwegian version. In the event of any inconsistency, the Norwegian version shall prevail.

A student who has disadvantages in an examination setting due to disability, may apply for special examination arrangements in order to overcome the disadvantages.

Both temporary and chronic conditions can serve as grounds for such arrangements.

If a diagnosis occurs or worsens after the deadline and consequently the need for facilitation occurs, the student must apply for urgent facilitation as soon as possible. The documentation must be current.

Special examination arrangements may be granted for all written school examinations and individual take-home examinations lasting 12 hours or less.

A student must submit a new application form upon transition to the master´s programme. In case of a documented chronic condition in the original application, the student does not need to provide new documentation.


You must provide recent documentation, issued by a doctor or other expert (e.g. speech therapist, psychologist etc.). The documentation must specify the necessary arrangements you need in order to be assessed equally. An exeption from this rule is reports from Speech-Language Pathologists.

The documentation must describe which disadvantages your disability causes in the exam situation.

A diagnosis does not necessarily mean that you have the right to special arrangements. Applicants with allergies, migraine, diabetes and epilepsia will only be given special arrangements if the condition is so severe that it causes serious disadvantages in the exam situation.

The documentation must specify if the need for special arrangements is acute or chronic, and for how long the arrangements are needed.

If the validity of the medical certificate is not specified, the arrangement will only be granted for the current semester.

Examples of special arrangements we may accommodate with:

  • Extra examination time, resting time and time for breast-feeding
    • 10 minutes per hour, maximum one hour in total
  • Separate or smaller examination room
  • Use of computer or other aids
  • Writing on paper on a digital examination
  • Writing assistance or other practical help
  • Larger font in the examination question paper
  • Audio file or reading assistance
  • Alternative forms of assessment

Students who, due to dyslexia, have been granted PC as special arrangements, will still be offered to write in Word. If one wishes to use WISEflow, please contact Section for Exams.

Students with dyscalculia, dyslexia or other reading or comprehending difficulties may, on request, add a confirmation of the diagnosis in their answer paper.

Other forms of special arrangements

Students who apply for arrangements that are not listed above must explain their need in their application. If we have not offered the arrangement previously, the Office of Student and Academic Affairs must assess whether it is reasonable and feasible.

New examination arrangements or very comprehensive arrangements cannot be processed if the application is submitted after regular deadlines.

If you have separate room or reading/writing assistance you must notify the Office of Student and Academic Affairs (exams@nhh.no) as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an examination.

Seasonal conditions

Due to capacity and staffing considerations during the Corona pandemic, NHH now allows the students to apply for acute special examination arrangements at an earlier time than normal. See our information pages on exams during the pandemic for more information.

Excempt from the application deadline are seasonal allergies in the spring semester.

  • Applications due to seasonal allergies are only assessed as an acute illness.
  • Your application must be submitted no less than three working days before the first exam you are applying for special exam arrangemnets for. The documentation you provide us must be dated seven working days or less before the exam date.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the special arrangements for seasonal conditions will be granted as resting time outside the examination hall.


Students who are on exchange and need special arrangements for teaching and/or assessment, have the responsibility to report such need to the host institution. The guidelines, deadlines and offerings of the host institution must be followed.


The information on this page is taken from the Regulations for Full-time Studies Section 4-6 Assessment, deadline for withdrawal and application for adaptation.

You can also read our Supplementary regulations to the Regulations for Full-time Studies Chapter 4-6 (PDF - at this time only available in Norwegian).