Special examination arrangements

Special examination arrangements

The deadline for applying for special examination arrangements is 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester. You will receive an answer medio October/March. Please send the form and documentation by e-mail.


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Who may apply for special examination arrangements?

The purpose of the special examination arrangements is to compensate for a limitation or a functional impairment that makes the examination situation especially challenging for you. The special examination arrangements shall compensate for disadvantages you may have in an examination situation. The goal is to ensure that all students are tested equally.

We grant special examination arrangements for all written school examinations, and for take-home examinations lasting 12 hours or less.

We may accommodate with:

  • Extra examination time - 10 minutes per hour, max 60 minutes total
  • Pregnancy adaptations and time for breast-feeding
  • Resting time
  • Use of computer or other examination support materials
  • A smaller or separate examination room
  • Writing assistant, sign language interpreter or other practical help
  • Larger font/braille
  • Help to read the examination question paper and/or answer
  • Alternative forms of assessment

If you need other special examination arrangements, you must specify this on the application form. If you apply for an arrangement that we have not previously offered we have to assess it before we can decide if we may accommodate the request. Your wish and the special examination arrangements we can offer may not always correspond.

Documentation requirements:

  • Must be dated the same semester you apply (exceptions for speech therapist reports)
  • It must specify which accommodations you need
  • Must specify the duration of validity. If nothing is specified, you will only get one semester
  • It must be dated, signed and must have a document stamp from the physician.

The special examination arrangements will be granted for all applicable examinations. You have to specify on the form if you have an examination where you do not wish to make use of an aid, e.g. PC.

Chronic conditions

Common arrangements for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia are extended examination time, and/or use of a PC during the examination. You may also, if you wish, enclose a form that confirms your condition when submitting.

Other chronic conditions may also qualify for special arrangements. It must be specified in the documentation that you need arrangements throughout your studies.

Acute situations

If you get injured or receive a diagnose after the application deadline has passed, you may still apply for special examination arrangements. We will then need an application with documentation as soon as you can.



Pollen allergies may lead to a need for special arrangements in the spring semester. The doctor must specify what months you have problems with allergies, and also specify if your medicines are affecting your alertness or makes you tired. Normal accommodations are extra examination time or resting time outside the examination location. From spring 2019 the application must be sent at least two working days before your first exam. The accompanying doctor's certificate must be dated one week before your first exam, at the earliest.

Other severe allergies

If you have chronic allergies that are significant you may apply for special arrangements for the duration of your studies. The doctor or allergist must explain the severity to show that you need accommodations.

Examinations at other locations

We do not make arrangements for examinations in other locations. We do not arrange examinations for other colleges or universities.

Contact us

+47 55 95 95 00


You are given 10 minutes extra per hour during school examination.

3 hour examination - 30 minutes extra

4 hour examination - 40 minutes extra

5 hour examination - 50 minutes extra

Up to a max. of one hour extra time.

Same rules apply to home examinations that are 12 hours or less

All documentation must:

  • be dated in close proximity to the application
  • specify duration of validity
  • be signed and stamped by the physician

Read more about documentation on this page