Services on campus

Services on campus

NHH offers a range of practical, study-related services right here on campus. Make the most of these resources, provided both by NHH and Sammen. We are dedicated to supporting your academic journey, and these services are designed with your success in mind.

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Questions, big and small, may arise when you are a student. In the Service Center, we help you find answers.

We will be able to answer many of your questions concerning your studies, or help you book an appointment with a student councilor. Feel free to contact us if you need someone to talk to.


Books, and a place to read them, are some of the things you need most during your studies. At the library you will find a large collection of books and journals in economics- and business-related subjects. You use the student ID app as a library card. The opening hours during the semester are Monday-Thursday 8.15am – 8pm, Friday 8.15am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 3pm. Visit the library's website for updated information on the library's services during the semester. 


The Akademika bookstore is located on the ground floor of Servicebygget. Here you can buy syllabus books and other study materials. Opening hours are Monday - Friday 9am – 4pm.


The study halls are open 24 hours a day using student cards and PIN codes. The PIN code for the student card is the same as the one you use to log in to Studentweb for the first time. You will receive the PIN code by e-mail in August. There are also study spaces in the library. In addition, your student card gives you access to the computer rooms 24 hours a day.

If you want to work in small groups, you can reserve collaboration rooms yourself on the NHH website (room booking). There are also workplaces for small groups of students in the library.


Lehmkuhlhallen (named after Ludvig Meyer Lehmkuhl, a distinguished businessman, philanthropist, and politician who played a pivotal role in supporting various cultural and educational institutions in Bergen) is a fitness center located on campus and hosted by Sammen. There you will find good work out facilities, in addition to in-door climbing, squash courts and a sports hall. Find more information on


You will find both a canteen and a coffee corner on campus, where they serve sandwiches, hot meals, kiosk items and various types of freshly brewed coffee. The opening hours in the canteen are Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm, and the coffee corner in Nybygget is open Monday - Friday 8am – 2pm.


The relaxation room should be a place for peace and reflection. It is a religiously neutral and inclusive space, situated in the latest addition to our campus buildings (referred to as 'Nybygget') and open from Monday to Friday. Additionally, there is a nursing room on campus.


The student ombudsman's task is to take care of the students' interests. The ombudsman operates independently from the NHH administration. The student ombudsman is not a decision-making body but serves as a source of advice and help for students in cases that may arise between the student and NHH. Help from the student ombudsman is free and without obligation, and the student ombudsman has a duty of confidentiality.


As a student at NHH, you pay a semester fee to the student welfare organization, Sammen. This grants you access to several offers in terms of health, career, and counseling. You may get dental help, an emergency doctor's appointment, or you may change GPs through Sammen.

Sammen also offers free psychological help and arranges courses and counseling in topics ranging from exam anxiety and stress management to job search and interview training. Read more at


The student chaplains have time to listen. They are available for all students.