Students ombudsman

Students ombudsman

Has NHH refused your application, are you under suspicion of cheating or have you as a student experienced harassment?

Sigbjørn Råsberg is NHH’s student ombudsman. You can arrange a meeting with him by phone or email. Sigbjørn’s office is in the Library.

There can be many reasons for needing assistance in cases related to your studies. The student ombudsman at NHH cannot execute the administrative procedures in your case, but he can give you counselling on how to proceed, typically in cases regarding:

  • Procedural errors in connection with examinations
  • Refused applications regarding universal accessibility to education and/or exam, prolonged admission, recognition of education from other universities, student exchange etc.
  • Suspicion of cheating
  • Whistleblowing
  • Harassment

Moreover, the student ombudsman can counsel regarding the procedural steps, what documents to attach and how to promote your case or file your complaint. However, the student ombudsman does not promote the case for you.

Mandate for the student ombudsman

Receiving advice from the student ombudsman is free of charge and commitment, and everything you say and share is under a strict duty of confidentiality.

The aim of the student ombudsman is to secure students who are in a conflict with NHH the best possible administrative procedures, legal protection and guidance through the ongoing process.