Special arrangements

Special arrangements

If you need special arrangements during your time at NHH, please do not hesitate to contact one of our student counsellors, or the contact person for students with disabilities.

We want to ensure that you will receive the appropriate support if you need assistance due to permanent disabilities or an ongoing illness. 

If you need special arrangements to complete your studies, please contact us as soon as the need occurs, or as soon as possible. Making arrangements may require extensive planning, and may take time.

Our student counsellors and the contact person for students with disabilities can give information regarding what services NHH may provide. We also cooperate with Sammen to make the appropriate arrangements, to let you focus on your studies and your student life.

We offer:

  • Counselling and assessment of your needs
  • Information regarding options you have concerning appropriate arrangements during your studies and/or your examinations
  • Information and counselling regarding other services
  • Someone to talk to regarding your situation

Students who have difficulty reading printed literature due to disability or illness can apply for membership at NLB. Read more at nlb.no. This offer is not for students learning Norwegian as a second language.

We also have a collaboration with Sammen, who can provide assistance and counselling.

Contact person at NHH  is Torill Hatlebrekke Husebø at the Section for Exams.