Learning Environment Committee

Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee handles things related to the learning environment and follows the developments on issues concerning students' physical and psychological learning environments, security and welfare.

Do you have a case that LMU should handle? Please contact any of the members in the committee.

The composition of the commiTtee


  • Frid Helén Olsen Hop, Leader LMU, Student representative.
  • August Boge, Student representative. 
  • Ina Tobiassen, Student representative.
  • Kasper Lie Asdal, Student representative.
  • Inger Dagestad, Head of exam office
  • Jorun Gunnerud, Senior Advisor
  • Linda Orvedal, Head of the bachelorprogram
  • Therese Sverdrup, Vice Rector for Innovation and Development

Committee secretary

Brigt Ove Teigen Vaage
Phone: 55 95 92 75

Agendas and minutes are not available in English. The committee secretary must receive items for a meeting no later than two weeks in advance of the meeting.