Previous lunch seminars

Previous lunch seminars

  • Autumn 2017

    Autumn 2017

    Fri 08 Sep 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Thor Andreas Aursland
    Norwegian Election  

    Fri 22 Sep 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Astrid Kunze
    German Election

    Fri 06 Oct 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Lars Mathiesen
    Fisheries Regulation: To trawl or not to trawl in Norwegian cod fisheries  

    Fri 13 Oct 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Ingar K. Haaland
    Nobel Price in Economics  

    Fri 24 Nov 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Charlotte B. Evensen and Visahan Koneswaran: The winner of this year's master thesis competition:
     Analysis of Local Electric Vehicle Incentives in the Norwegian Car Market. A Multi-homing Approach  

    Wed 20 Dec 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    James Hosea
    The Financial Times rankings – what, why and how?  

  • Spring 2017

    Spring 2017

    Fri 13 Jan, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Sandra Halvorsen, NHH
    PhD-presentation Employment, health, and household decision-making in a growing manufacturing industry: Experimental evidence from Ethiopia

    Fri 27 Jan, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Erling Risa, NHH
    PhD-presentation Essays on intergenerational mobility

    Fri 10 Feb, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Felix Morency-Lavoie, NHH
    PhD-presentation A Small Sea Parasite Making Big Waves: Industry Consolidation and Collaboration under Spatial-Dynamic Externalities

    Fri 17 Feb, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Ingvild L. Skarpeid, NHH
    PhD-presentation Two experimental studies on social preferences

    Fri 5 May, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Krisztina Molnar, NHH
    Euler Equations, Subjective Expectations and Income Shocks

    Tue 13 June, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Roger Bivand and Timothy Wyndham, NHH
    UK Election 2017: How did we end up here?  

    Fri 23 June, 11:30-12:15 E209/E210
    Anje Müller Gjesdal and Malin Arve, NHH
    France after the elections

  • Autumn 2016

    Autumn 2016

    Fri 12 Aug, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Stefan Legge, University of St. Gallen
    "Ancestral Distance as a Barrier to International Trade"

    Fri 26 Aug, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Ben D'Exelle, University of East Anglia
    "Network Effects, Riskiness and Cooperation Norms: A Lab-in-the-field Study in Rural Uganda"

    Fri 23 Sep, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Nina Serdarevic and Sveinung Arnesen (UiB)
    "The Citizen Lab/The Digital Social Science Core Facility"

    Fri 7 Oct, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    David Reiley, UC Berkeley
    "Online Ads and Offline Sales: Measuring the Effects of Online Advertising via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo"

    Fri 28 Oct, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Agnar Sandmo, NHH
    "Should the marginal tax rate be negative?"

    Fri 18 Nov, 11.00-12.15 E209/E210
    Ellen Balke Hveem and Lotte Leming Rognsås:
    The winner of this year's master thesis competition:
    «An Empirical Analysis of Health Effects from Electrification: Evidence from Norway 1900-1921»

    Fri 2 Dec, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Astrid Kunze, NHH
    "The gender wage gap in developed countries"

    Fri 9 Dec, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Avinash K. Dixit, Princeton University
    "Comparing Alternative Policies Against Environmental Catastrophes"

    Fri 16 Dec, 11.30-12.15 E209/E210
    Ole-Andreas Halse Næss, NHH
    PhD Presentation: "Essays in Political Economy"

  • Spring 2016

    Spring 2016

    Fri 15 Jan, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Kjetil Bjorvatn
    "Teaching microeconomics: SAM 2"

    Fri 29 Jan, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Tim Wyndham
    "Presentation of PhD project: Essays in Industrial Organisation"

    Fri 18 Mar, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Elias Braunfels
    "Politics Rule! Further Unbundling Institutions"

    Fri 10 Jun, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Svenn-Åge Dahl, Helge Thorbjørnsen and Øystein Thøgersen
    "Lunsjseminar om SNF"

  • Autumn 2015

    Autumn 2015

    Fri 2 Oct, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Krisztina Molnár, NHH

    Fri 6 Nov, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Ingelin Orten, Erik Solli
    The winner of this year's master thesis competition:
    "Konsekvenser av innvandring for lønninger i det norske arbeidsmarkedet"

    Fri 13 Nov, 1.30-12.15 Room E209
    Ragnhild Balsvik, NHH
    "Use of Dreambroker to create screencast videos"

    Fri 20 Nov, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Ranveig Falch, NHH
    Presentation of PhD project:
    "Do we hold men more responsible than women?"

    Fri 27 Nov, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Oddmund Berg, NHH
    Presentation of PhD project:
    "The Precautionary Wealth of Norwegian Households "

    Fri 4 Dec, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Ingar K. Haaland, NHH
    Presentation of PhD project:
    "Essays on Social Preferences"

    Fri 18 Dec, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Xiaogeng Xu, NHH
    Presentation of PhD project
    "Risk preference in social behavior"

  • Spring 2015

    Spring 2015

    Thu 8 Jan, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Ingrid Hoem Sjursen
    Presentation of PhD project

    Fri 9 Jan, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Charlotte Ringdal
    Presentation of PhD project

    Fri 30 Jan, 14.00-14.45 Room E209
    Thor Andreas Aursland
    Presentation of PhD project

    Fri 13 Feb, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Roger Bivand
    Om digital eksamen.
    Alexandra Bjørndal, Eksamenskontoret til stede for å svare på spørsmål

    Fri 6 Mar, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Antonio Dalla Zuanna
    Presentation of PhD project

    Fri 13 Mar, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Kjell G. Salvanes
    NOU 2015:1 from "Produktivitetskommisjonen"

    Fri 20 Mar, 11.30-12.30 Room E209/E210
    Frode Steen
    The Bachelor programme

    Fri 27 Mar, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Lars Sørgard
    "Competitive effects of NRK"

    Fri 10 Apr, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Andreas Tveito and Hans Petter Hanson
    "The Norwegian Competition Authority's assessment of the merger between Coop and ICA"

    Fri 24 Apr, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Øystein Thøgersen
    "Challenges for fiscal policy and the Fiscal Rule"

    Fri 22 May, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Linda Nøstbakken
    "Student assessments using rubrics"

    Fri 29 May, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Rolf Jens Brunstad and Siri Pettersen Strandenes
    "The taxi puzzle. Why may the taxi to the airport cost more than the flight ticket?"

    Fri 5 Jun, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Luca De Benedictis
    "Islands as ‘Bad Geography’. Insularity, Connectedness, Trade Costs and Trade"

    Fri 12 Jun, 11.30-12.15 Room E209
    Serhat Ugurlu
    "A Thesis Proposal on International Comparisons"

  • Autumn 2014

    Autumn 2014

    Fri 12 Sep, 11.30-12.15 Room E209 /E210
    Emma Östaker og Sonja Daltung, EBA, Stockholm
    The Expert Group for Aid Studies

    Fri 31 Oct, 12.15-13.00 Room E209/E210
    Svein Gjedrem
    "Aktuelle temaer i norsk økonomisk politikk"

    Fri 31 Oct, 14.15-15.30 Room E209/E210
    Joakim Bratlie
    The winner of this year's master thesis competition:
    "Price adjustment in Norway -An analysis of micro PPI data"

    Tue 25 Nov, 15.30-16.30 Room E209/E210
    Øystein Thøgersen
    "Macroeconomic prospects for Europe – with a special focus on two favorites of mine, Italy and Norway"

    Fri 5 Dec, 11.30-12.15 Room E209/E210
    Luca Picariello
    Presentation of PhD project:
    "The impact of Portability on Organizational Strategies"