Øystein Thøgersen

Rector, Professor Øystein Thøgersen

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Øystein Thøgersen is rector and professor at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. He received his doctoral degree in 1995 with the thesis “Five essays on fiscal policy, intergenerational welfare and petroleum wealth” and has been professor since 2004.

Thøgersen’s research interests include international macroeconomics, financial markets and public finance with a special focus on fiscal policy and social security. He has published a series of articles in academic journals like International Economic Review and European Economic Review as well as many applied policy contributions.

Thøgersen has served as a member of the executive board of Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway) and has been the chairman of the board at the Center for Applied Research at NHH (SNF). He is currently a member of an advisory council to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and a board member of NCE Finance Innovation. Thøgersen has headed governmental commissions on respectively the guidelines for fiscal policy and aspects of the investment strategy of the Norwegian petroleum fund.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Matsen, Egil; Thøgersen, Øystein Habit formation, strategic extremism, and debt policy Public Choice Volume 145 (1-2); page 165 - 180; 2010
Matsen, Egil; Thøgersen, Øystein Designing social security - a portfolio choice approach European Economic Review Volume 48; page 883 - 904; 2004
Bratberg, Espen; Holmås, Tor Helge; Thøgersen, Øystein Assessing the effects of an early retirement program Journal of Population Economics Volume 17 (3); page 387 - 408; 2004
Steigum, Erling; Steigum, Erling; Thøgersen, Øystein Borrow and adjust: fiscal policy and sectoral adjustment in an open economy International Economic Review Volume 44 (2); page 699 - 724; 2003
Almås, Ingvild; Freddi, Eleonora; Thøgersen, Øystein Saving and Bequest in China: An Analysis of Intergenerational Exchange Economica; page 1 - 33; 2019
Bergman, U. Michael; Jensen, Svend E. Hougaard; Thøgersen, Øystein Fiscal Policy in the Scandinavian Countries The Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics; page 189 - 201; 2017
Gjedrem, Svein; Thøgersen, Øystein A Fiscal Rule for an Oil-rich Economy: The Norwegian Experience in Light of Theoretical Insights Finance in Society: An Anthology in Honour of Thore Johnsen; page 69 - 92; 2017
Steigum, Erling; Thøgersen, Øystein A crisis not wasted. Institutional and structural reforms behind Norway's strong macroeconomic performance. Reform Capacity and Macroeconomic Performance in the Nordic Countries; page 246 - 273; 2015
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Macroeconomics, Business cycles, Public finance