Faculty handbook for assessment and exams

Faculty handbook for assessment and exams

This is an overview of all tasks involved in the arrangement of exams at NHH.

The academic department is responsible for some of the deliverables, and the courseowners/assessors for others.

  • List of students with course approval

    List of students with course approval

    Deadline for registering students with course approval in Fagpersonweb: as soon as you are finished with the course approval assignments, and no later than three weeks prior to the exam date.

    Responsible: The course responsible

    • You must report course approvals for all students that passed this in the system FagpersonWeb.
    • We cannot withdraw students from their exam unless a list of students with valid course approvals is submitted in Fagpersonweb within the deadline.
  • Committee form

    Committee form

    Deadline: two weeks before the examination date.

    Responsible: the department

    • It is important that the information in each form is complete and correct, as this is used when sending out papers for grading.
    • The template for the form is available in the team "Eksamensavvikling".
    • All completed committee forms must be saved in the appropriate term folder in Teams no later than two weeks before the exam date, and preferably earlier if possible.
    • Use the following file naming convention: coursecode_assessmentform_kommisjonsskjema.xlsx (for example BUS447_TermPaper_kommisjonsskjema.xlsx).
    • A committe form must be filled out for all parts of the graded assesment in a course, including parts of the assessment graded only by an internal grader.
    • Please indicate in the committee form if an internal grader will perform paid work. In such cases, the remuneration form will be sent to the academic department for authorizing the payment.
    • If you use external examiners for grading oral exams, it is important that you let us know how many candidates/groups that completed the exam.
    • Any updates to the form should be sent til exams@nhh.no.
    • An Appeal Committee for each assessment part should also be established at the same time as the committee form for the ordinary grading.
  • Appeals Committee

    Appeals Committee

    Deadline: two weeks prior to the examination date (along with the Committee form).

    Responsible: the department

    • Based on experience, there are grade appeals in most courses.
    • The Appeals committee must consist of at least two new graders, where one of the graders must be external (as per the Act related to Universities and Colleges). 
    • The department must have cleared with the members of the appeal committee that they are available during the appeal handling period, i.e. 6-9 weeks after the initial grade has been announced.
    • If a very low number of students completed an exam, the department may choose to postpone establishing of an appeals committee until we know if any students have appealed the grade.
  • Submission deadlines, WISEflow

    Submission deadlines, WISEflow

    Section for Exams needs information about hand out and hand in dates for all graded assignments in a course. To set up submission in WISEflow, we also need information about which file format the student should use when submiting their assignment, if attachements and additional material should be allowed, and the permitted group size for group assignments. This is relevant for assessment forms such as home exams, term papers, case work etc.

    Deadline: before the registration deadline each semester. Feb 1st in spring and Sep. 1st in the autumn.

    Responsible for this task: The course responsible

    • It is important to provide all relevant information about submissions in the form that you receive in the email request.
    • It is not possible to have flexible hand in dates for work that is part of formal assessment (exams) of a course.
    • Candidates that experience problems with their submissions must send their exam to Section for Exams by e-mail to exams@nhh.no before the deadline for submission.
    • According to Section 4-3 in our Regulations, NHH cannot accept deliveries after the deadline.
  • Exam assignments

    Exam assignments

    Deadline: you  must send the exam assignment to Section for exams 14 days prior to the exam date / hand-out date for all exams.

    Responsible: the department

    • The assignment can be sent by e-mail to oppgave@nhh.no as a single PDF-file.
    • Template for the front page of the exam assignment is available in Teams.
    • Pages, and any appendices must be numbered.
    • The reference code for electronic exams in FLOWmulti must be sent to Section for Exams within seven working days before the exam date.
    • All exams, including exams in FLOWmulti, must be reviewed and approved by at least two faculty members before the exam assignement is sent to Section for exams. The exam preparation form is available in Teams.
    • A contact person from the department must be available at allt times during the the exam, preferably the course responsible(s) or one of faculty members involved in the development of the exam. Contact informaiton for this perosn must be written on the front page of the exam.
    • The exam assignemnt must be written in the same language as the teaching language of your course, unless the course description explicitly states otherwise.
    • The exam assignment for all electronic exams must be sent to us as a single PDF-file. If the exam is in Norwegian, this PDF document must contain a version of the paper in both Bokmål and Nynorsk.
    • Students can answer the exam in Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages or English, unless the course description explicitly states otherwise. Any specifications regarding which language the students can use to write their exam must also be communicated to Section for exams before the exam date.
    • If parts of an exam or specific exam questions should be graded by different graders, information on how to divide the exam between the graders must be sent to Section for exams before the exam date.
    • The exam assignemnt will nromally be printed in black and white. If colours are necessary, please inform us about this as early as possible.
  • Exam Support Materials

    Exam Support Materials

    • The students must be informed about permitted exam support materials two weeks prior to the exam.
      • Responsible: The course responsible
    • Permitted exam support materials must be listed on the exam question front page. 
      • Responsible: the department
    • The exam invigilators use a lot of time controlling and checking calculators before written school exams. Calculators should therefore only be permitted if it is necessary for solving the exam.
    • If the use of calculator is permitted, any calculator without wireless communication options may be used.
  • Grade announcement / Grade protocols

    Grade announcement / Grade protocols

    Deadline: Must be submitted in WISEflow 20 days after the exam date, in accordance with the Examination plan which the section sends to academic departments every semester.

    Responsible: The examiner(s)

    • According to the Act of Norwegian Universities and University Colleges, grades must be announced three weeks after the exam date.
    • For school exams written on paper, oral exams, graded presentations and class participation: a digital grade protocol is created in WISEflow (FLOWattend) for grade registration.
    • Grades are published in Studentweb 21 days after the exam date.
  • School exams written on paper

    School exams written on paper

    For school exams written on paper, the graders must return the papers to Section for exams as soon as the grading and grade explanations has been completed.

    Responsible: the examiner

    • It is very important that the exam answers are returned to Section for exams as soon as you have completed grading and the deadline for asking for grade explanations have expired. Failure to do so causes delays and extra work in the process of grade appeals. In addition, The Office of the Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) emphasizes the requirement that all exam answer papers must be in place, and the importance of adhering to routines to secure this.
  • Payment and compensation forms for graders

    Payment and compensation forms for graders

    Deadline:When the grading is completed

    Responsible: The examiner

    • Section for Exams will send compensation forms to grades by email. When the grading is completed, examiners need to confirm that the information in the received form is correct before any payment can be made.
    • The email will be sent from honorar@nhh.no.
  • Assessor guide

    Assessor guide

    According to the act of universities and university colleges, an assesor guide must be made for all exams and assessment that make up the grade in a course.


    1. An assesor guide must be submitted to Section for exams along with the exam assignment.

    2. The assesor guide must also be made availavle to the students once the grades are published.

    Responsible: The course responsible

    • Assessor guides are mandatory for all exams. If there are several ways to solve an exam, for example through discussions or reflections, an assessor guide can include topics or aspects needed to acheive the higher grades.
    • The assesor guide must as a minimum:
      • explain what is needed for an exam answer to be outstanding, good, adequate, etc. 
      • contain solution proposals.
  • Grade explanations

    Grade explanations

    Deadline: The student shoudl receive the grade explanations no later than two weeks from the request.

    Responsible: The examiner

    • The students are entitled to receive an explanation of their grade, according to the Act relating to universities and univeristy colleges.
    • WISEflow notifies the assessor by email when a student requests an explanation for their grade. Written explanations can be distributed through WISEflow. If you choose to give the grade explanation verbally, you must register the date when the explanation was given to the student in WISEflow.

    • The deadline for requesting explanations is one week after the grade has been announced. The department must ensure that the internal examiner is avilable during this period, and that the deadline for providing explanations is met. Student feedback indicates that many are not successful in receiving their explanation within the deadline.
  • Grade appeals

    Grade appeals

    Deadline: The appeal committee must complete the grading withing 20 days from the date they receive the appealed exams. This normally happens about six weeks after the original grade was announced to the student.

    Responsible: The examiners in the appeals committee

    • The candidates' deadline for appealing against the grade is three weeks from the announcement of the grade, or three weeks from receiving the grade explanation.
    • Appeals are normally forwarded to the Appeal Committee six weeks after the initial grade has been announced.
    • All appeals should be graded by both the internal and external examiner of the appeals committee.
  • Payment and compensation forms for grade appeals

    Payment and compensation forms for grade appeals

    Deadline: When the grading of the appealed exams is completed

    Responsible: The examiner

    • Section for exams will send a compensation form to the examiners by email. When the grading is completed, examiners need to confirm that the information in the received form is correct before any payment can be made.
  • Grading committee for Master theses

    Grading committee for Master theses

    Deadline: An overview of examiners for master theses must be sent to Section for exams at least three weeks prior to the submission deadline for the theses. This is June 1st in the spring and December 20th in the autumn semester.

    Responsible: the department

    • The majority of theses are submitted around the submissio deadline each semester. However, students are allowed to submit their theses during the semester. It is therefore recommended that the departments provide us with information about who will be in the grading committee as early as possible.
  • WISEflow for assessors

    WISEflow for assessors

    Digital assessment information for course responsibles and assessors.



    • Go to nhh.wiseflow.dk and choose Feide.
    • User name: employee number, password: the same as for logging onto your NHH computer.
      • Norwegian assessors can choose to log in with ID-porten (MinID, BankID etc) to WISEflow.


    • To change the display language to English, click your name in the upper right corner and select Rediger profil from the drop-down menu.