Electronic exams at NHH

Electronic exams at NHH

NHH uses WISEflow for home assignments and school exams.

School Exams in WISEflow

There are two options:

  1. FLOWlock: Suitable for essay-based answers. The candidates write their exam answers in a Word-like text editor. Candidates also have access to the LaTeX (formula editor), code editor, drawing and their web camera. 
  2. FLOWmulti (interactive exam): This exam type allows for a combination of many different types of questions (multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, text answers, math essay, images, video etc.), and makes it easier for students to use fractions in their answers. You may read more about the available types of questions at learnosity.com. Candidates also have access to the LaTeX (formula editor), code editor, drawing and webcam tool or their web camera. Using FLOWmulti also allows for fully or partially automated scoring and grading.

Try Something new?

NHH is continuously working together with the other institutions that use WISEflow and with the supplier to improve and develop the exam system. For example, it will be a major and exciting step forward when we can offer candidates the opportunity to use third-party programs such as Excel, R or STATA in a closed exam situation.

In the meantime, we must make the most of the opportunities we already have, which for lecturers can also involve adapting exams to the technology that is currently at our disposal. In many subjects, it may be relevant to consider new exam forms rather than attempt to simply transfer the current exam form to a digital format. For example, a digital written exams with unrestricted internet access and access to all available tools can help to provide a more relevant test of achieved learning outcomes than a paper-based exam. It is also possible to arrange written exams where one part is closed and the other is open.

Do you have input or questions? Would you like to try something new for your course, or participate at a seminar to learn more? Feel free to contact Senior Executive Officer Tatiana Pozolotina in Section for exams to discuss the possibilities and limitations that exist.

About WISEflow

Our exam system won the national competitive tender process that UNINETT coordinated on behalf of the higher education sector in the autumn of 2016.

WISEflow is a well-tried and quality-assured system, which by the end of 2017 had been used in more than 3,800 exams nationally by a total of more than 183,000 candidates. Approx. 137,000 of these candidates used FLOWlock. The rest used FLOWmulti.

Advantages for examiners

  • No need to decipher handwriting
  • No need to sign and scan examination records
  • Immediate access to answers after an exam, no delays due to the postal service
  • The grading can be done both online and offline with access to answers from several locations
  • Commenting directly on the answer papers and sharing comments with other examiners and/or students.
  • Easier to provide feedback and grade explanations to studens. May reduce the number of requests for grade explanations.
  • Supports rubrics
  • Supports automatic scoring (FLOWmulti)
  • Supports automatic grading based on achieved scores
  • Shared plagiarism database with Canvas


  • Exams can be better adapted to student life and future working life
  • Easier to structure and complete answers
  • Reduced need for special arrangements for exams
  • Future possibility to implement assessment forms that are optimised for intended learning outcomes


  • Improved security in relation to completion and distribution of exams. Fewer intermediaries and fewer manual processes
  • Answers, grades, explanation of grades and appeals are handled in the same system
  • The transition to paperless exams will free up both time and space
  • Reduced postage, exam sheets and printing expenses