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  1. ACPE Conference 2015

    "PRIVATE EQUITY FOR LARGE INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS" 15 December 2015, Jebsen Centre, NHH Programme 10:00-10.15 Registration and coffee 10:15-10:30 Opening - Centre Manager Carsten Bienz and Thore Johnsen (NHH) 10:30-11.15 "Market Efficiency and Active Investing" - Thore Johnsen 11:15-11:45 "What is Private Equity?" - Carsten Bienz 11:45-12:45 LUNCH 12:45-13:45 "Private Equity Returns" - David T. Robinson, Duke University 13:45-14:45 "Institutional Investments in Private Equity" - Berk A. Sensoy, Ohio State University 14:45-15:15 COFFEE BREAK 15:15-16:15 "PE and Stakeholders" - Carsten Bienz 16:15-17:15 Round Table Discussion: "What benefit does PE offer to a large investor?" David T. Robinson, Duke University Benedicte Schilbred-Fasmer, Executive Director, DNB Berk A. Sensoy, Ohio State University Tore Sirevaag, Head of Private Equity, KLP Asset Management 17:15 Day programme concludes 19:00 Conference dinner

  2. Investors take less risk when their own money is on the line

    The more of a manager's wealth is tied to her fund, the less risk she takes and the smaller is each individual investment, according to a NHH study picked up by the «Institutional Investor», New York Times DealBook and other media.

  3. Publications and Current Projects

    The following research papers received grants by the Centre or used databases supported by the Centre.

  4. Ownership, Wealth, and Risk Taking: Evidence on Private Equity Fund Managers

    New Working Paper by Associate Professor Carsten Bienz, Professor Karin S. Thorburn and Professor Uwe Walz.

  5. PE sector in unique position to combat climate change

    ‘The finance sector cannot stay indifferent to the climate changes. PE companies must take a more active role in the development of an environmentally friendly planet,’ says financial researcher Carsten Bienz.

  6. Workshop on Organisational Economics 2016

    The Workshop on Organisational Economics takes place in the meeting room on the 9th floor.

  7. Investing in sustainability – but what are the effects?

    Investors around the world are developing environmentally friendly solutions. The growth of green finance is accelerating at record speed. ‘They are now asking themselves how they can make the effects of their investments visible,’ says NHH researcher Carsten Bienz.

  8. Crowdfunding taking off

    With the help of fan donations, game developer Chris Roberts has raised USD 183 mill to develop the popular game Wing Commander. Now, more and more people in Norway are jumping onto the crowdfunding wave.

  9. About

    WHAT IS PRIVATE EQUITY? By definition, we are considering long-term equity investments in private or closely held firms. Typically either start-ups or mature firms (Buyout) receive funding from Private Equity firms. Past examples of firms that have received Venture Capital financing include Apple, Facebook, Google, Skype, Stepstone and Spotify. Firms that have received Buyout funding include RjR Nabisco and Kongsberg Automotive. Private Equity (PE) works as an alternative source of capital for firms. One main difference is that a firm pays a dividend rather than interest to a bank. Also, shareholders receive voting rights on the firm’s shareholder meeting. However, in particular in VC financing, investors often do not buy the whole firm or even hold a majority in the firm’s shareholder meeting. An article by Carsten Bienz, "Bedre Enn Sitt Rykte" ("Better than its reputation") was published in Dagens Næringsliv (DN) in January 2015. This article explains some of the common perceptions of private equity. The article can be found here (in Norwegian). Another article, written by Carsten Bienz and published in Dagens Næringsliv (DN) in July 2014, asks why Private Equity funds are so controversial and why we need them. The article is called "Vår tids mørkemenn: Er aktive fond kreativ ødeleggelse?" ("The Dark Men of Our Time: Are Equity Funds Creative Destruction?"), and can be found here (in Norwegian).

  10. Argentum Centre for Private Equity

    The Argentum Centre for Private Equity was a research centre concentrating on Private Equity, based at NHH - Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway. The centre’s mission was to produce objective research of the highest quality on all topics related to Nordic Private Equity.

  11. Seminar introducing The Norsif Guide

    How to focus effectively on the material ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) topics when assessing and valuing a company? How to integrate ESG in company valuation in a relevant way? These are the topics of a new draft guide.

  12. CAM research

    Selected publications from CAM-affiliated researchers.

  13. Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer: Curious about Finance?

    Have you ever wondered what it means to work in the Finance Industry? Are you considering to take Finance as your major? Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer, Head of DNB’s Corporate Banking, is coming to NHH on 29 April to talk to students that are curious about how the finance industry really works.

  14. Fintech Initiative

    FinTech is a shortcut for the use of digital technologies in Finance, ranging from web-based applications to digital processes as well as machine learning and big data analysis in financial intermediation and financial markets.

  15. People at CCF

    Researchers at NHH's Centre for Corporate Finance.

  16. Verdsettelse

    Verdsettelse er et intensivt og videregående studium som bygger på AFA- eller Corporate Finance studiet.

  17. Crowdfunding. Bitcoin. Machine learning

    – The impact of informational technology is expected to radically restructure how finance is practiced, Walter Pohl says. On Friday 8 June NHH is hosting the 2018 Bergen FinTech Conference.

  18. People at STOP

    Researchers at the Strategy, Organisation and Performance group.

  19. Topics for master thesis

    The Faculty at the Department of Finance can supervise in all the fields of Finance. Here is a list of potential topics and supervisors. Please contact us if you would like to discuss topics for your master thesis.

  20. PhD defence: Chunbo Liu

    On Monday 30 May 2016 Chunbo Liu will hold a trial lecture on a prescribed topic and defend his thesis for the PhD degree at NHH.

  21. People at ACPE

    Researchers and affiliates at Argentum Centre for Private Equity.

  22. Defense: Corporate Finance

    On Monday 20 August 2018 Varun Verma will hold a trial lecture on a prescribed topic and defend his thesis for the PhD degree at NHH.

  23. Is the crowd wise?

    The wisdom of the crowd in crowdfunding markets helps improve the decision making of the individuals, according to several studies. But is the crowd (really) wise?

  24. Argentum centre events

    Argentum Centre for Private Equity organises and hosts conferences, seminars and workshops every year.

  25. People at CBE

    Researchers and affiliates at the Centre for Business Economics.

  26. FinTech (not offered)

    FIE456 (7.5 Stp)
  27. Corporate Finance

    FIE402 (7.5 Stp)
  28. Tidligere konferanser

    Program fra tidligere års alumnikonferanser.

  29. Venture Capital, Private Equity and IPO's

    FIE436 (7.5 Stp)