Workshop on Organisational Economics 2016

Workshop on Organisational Economics 2016

The Workshop on Organisational Economics takes place in the meeting room on the 9th floor.

We will have short presentations and discussions of ongoing research. The workshop is open to everyone.

Thursday  May 5th

1000 Eirik Gaard Kristiansen Competitive Compensation Contracts: Explaining the Pay of Specialists
1030 Simen Ulsaker
and Teis Lømo
Promotional Allowances
1100 Trond Olsen Tournaments and Teams in Relational Contracting
1130 Steffen Juranek Non-practicing entities: Enforcement Specialists?
1200 Carsten Bienz Risk taking in Financial Institutions
1230 Luca Picariello Organizational Design with Portable Skills
1300 Hans Hvide Too many bureaucrats

Rules: 20 minutes for the presentations + 10 minutes for discussions