Endowed professorships at NHH

Endowed professorships at NHH

NHH has endowed professorships donated by Argentum, NorgesGruppen and Equinor.

Asset Management and Private Equity 

  • Endowed Professorship donated by Argentum
  • Chair holder: Professor Trond Døskeland, Department of Business and Management Science
  • Period: Five years, ends 1 July 2028

Competition Economics

  • Endowed Professorship donated by NorgesGruppen
  • Chair holder: Professor Frode Steen, Department of Economics
  • Period: Five years until 31 December 2026

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The Akademia Agreement with Equinor ASA

The Akademia agreement with Equinor was signed in December 2018, and finances researcher positions in three research areas.


Project Head: Professor Jon Iden, Department of Strategy and Management

Financed positions:

  • Post Doctoral fellow Kjersti Berg Danilova, Department of Strategy and Management
  • Adjunct Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law
  • Adjunct Professor Bendik Bygstad, Department of Strategy and Management
  • Assistant Professor Karin S. Osmundsen, Department of Strategy and Management
  •  Adjunct Professor Tom Roar Eikebrokk, Department of Strategy and Management

MAcro economics and natural resources 

Project Head: Professor Eirik Gaard Kristiansen, Department of Economics

Financed position:

The knowledge firm

Project Heads: Senior researcher Torstein Nesheim, SNF and Professor Karen Modesta Olsen, Department of Strategy and Management.

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