Publications 2017

Publications 2017


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Ådland, Roar Os
Alger, Harrison Marshall
Banyte, Justina
Jia, Haiying

Does fuel efficiency pay? Empirical evidence from the drybulk timecharter market revisited

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2017, 95, 1-12

Ådland, Roar Os
Benth, Fred Espen
Koekebakker, Steen

Multivariate modeling and analysis of regional ocean freight rates

Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Online 03.11.2017

Ådland, Roar Os
Bjerknes, Fredrik
Herje, Christian

Spatial efficiency in the bulk freight market

Maritime Policy & Management, 2017, 44(4), 413-425

Ådland, Roar Os
Fonnes, Gro
Jia, Haiying
Lampe, Ove D.
Strandenes, Siri P.

The impact of regional environmental regulations on empirical vessel speeds

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, 53, 37-49

Ådland, Roar Os
Hansson, David
von der Wense, Levin

Valuing cargo flexibility in oil transportation

Maritime Policy & Management, Online 18.08.2017

Ådland, Roar Os
Jia, Haiying

Simulating physical basis risks in the Capesize freight market

Maritime Economics & Logistics, 2017, Online 06.03.2017

Ådland, Roar Os
Jia, Haiying
Strandenes, Siri P.

Are AIS-based trade volume estimates reliable? The case of crude oil exports

Maritime Policy & Management, 2017, Online 28.03.2017

Belik, Ivan
Jörnsten, Kurt

Critical objective function values in linear sum assignment problems

Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Online 16.12.2017, 1-11

Durán, Guillermo
Guajardo, Mario
Sauré, Denis

Scheduling the South American Qualifiers to the 2018 FIFA World Cup by Integer Programming

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 27.04.2017

Duran, Guillermo
Giormenti, Mauro
Guajardo, Mario
Pinto, Pablo M.
Rey, Pablo
Stier-Moses, Nicolás E.

Improving access to voting with optimized matchings

Electoral Studies, Online 19.12.2017

Flisberg, Patrik
Frisk, Mikael
Guajardo, Mario
Rönnqvist, Mikael

Reallocation of Logistics Costs in a Cooperative Network of Sawmills

Computational Methods and Models for Transport (ECCOMAS 2015). Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 45, 171-183 (Springer), Online 30.06.2017

Gu, Yewen
Wallace, Stein W.

Scrubber: A potentially overestimated compliance method for the Emission Control Areas: The importance of involving a ship’s sailing pattern in the evaluation

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, 55, 51-66

Jia, Haiying
Ådland, Roar Os
Prakash, Vishnu
Smith, Tristan

Energy efficiency with the application of Virtual Arrival policy

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, 54, 50-60

Lindstad, Haakon E.
Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Rialland, Agathe

Batteries in Offshore Support vessels - Pollution, climate impact and economics

Transportation Research Part D, 2017, 50, 409-417

Lindstad, Elizabeth
Rehn, Carl Fredrik
Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Sulphur Abatement Globally in Maritime Shipping

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, 57, 303-313

Mirhedayatian, Seyed Mostafa
Yan, Shiyu

A framework to evaluate policy options for supporting electric vehicles in urban freight transport

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2018, 58, 22-38, Online 15.11.2017

Pérez, Juan F.
Silva, Daniel F.
Góez, Julio C.
Sarmiento, Andrés
Sarmiento-Romero, Andrés
Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Raha
Riaño, Germán

jMarkov: An Integrated Framework for Markov Chain Modeling

ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS), 2017, 43(3)

Sun, Congshi
Wallace, Stein W.
Luo, Li

Stochastic multi-commodity network design: The quality of deterministic solutions

Operations Research Letters 2017, 45(3), 266-268

Vaagen, Hajnalka
Wallace, Stein W.
Kaut, Michal

The impact of design uncertainty in engineer-to-order project planning

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 07.03.2017