Publications 2015

Publications 2015

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Ådland, Roar Os
Jia, Haiying

Shipping market integration: The case of sticky newbuilding prices

Maritime Economics & Logistics, 2015, 17(4), 389-398

Azadi, Majid
Jafarian, Mostafa
Saena, Reza Farzipoor
Mirhedayatian, Seyed M.

A new fuzzy DEA model for evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of suppliers in sustainable supply chain management context

Computers & Operations Research2015, 54, 274-285

Babri, Sahar
Jörnsten, Kurt
Viertel, Michael

Application of gravity models with a fixed component in the international trade flows of coal, iron ore and crude oil

Maritime Economics and Logisitics, 2015, Online 17.09.2015

Benkel, Kathrin
Jörnsten, Kurt
Leisten, Rainer

Variability Aspects in Flowshop Scheduling Systems

IEEE - IESM'2015 The Road Ahead: Understanding Challenges and Grasping Opportunities in Industrial and Systems Engineering, IEEE Proceedings2015, 118-127

Flisberg, Patrik
Frisk, Mikael
Rönnqvist, Mikael
Guajardo, Mario

Potential savings and cost allocations for forest fuel transportation in Sweden: A country-wide study

Energy2015, 85(1), 353-365

Guajardo, Mario
Rönnqvist, Mikael

Operations Research models for coalition structure in collaborative logistics

European Journal of Operational Research, 2015, 240(1), 147-159

Guajardo, Mario
Jörnsten, Kurt

Common mistakes in computing the nucleolus

European Journal of Operational Research2015, 241(3), 931-935

Guajardo, Mario
Rönnqvist, Mikael

Cost allocation in inventory pools of spare parts with service-differentiated demand classes

International Journal of Production Research, 2015, 53(1), 220-237

Iversen, Martin Jes
Poulsen, René Taudal
Sornn-Friese, Henrik
Tenold, Stig

The role of National Shipping Policy: a Scandinavian perspective on shipping policies in a global economy

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Jörnsten, Kurt
Klose, Andreas

An improved Lagrangian relaxation and dual ascent approach to facility location problems

Computational Management Science2015, Online 27.10.2015

Kang, J. Y.
Kim, Song
Murphy, Hugh
Tenold, Stig

Old Methods Versus New: A comparison of Very Large Crude Carrier construction at Scott Lithgow and Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1970-1977

The Mariner’s Mirror, 2015, 101(4), 426-457

Kong, Jiehong
Rönnqvist, Mikael
Frisk, Mikael

Using mixed integer programming models to synchronously determine production levels and market prices in an integrated market for roundwood and forest biomass

Annals of Operations Research2015, 232(1), 179-199

Kuhn, Daniel
Hanasusanto, Grani A.
Wallace, Stein W.
Zymler, Steve

Distributionally robust multi-item newsvendor problems with multimodal demand distributions

Mathematical Programming2015, 152(1), 1-32

Lindstad, Haakon
Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Low carbon maritime transport: How speed, size and slenderness amounts to Substantial Capital Energy Substitution Transportation

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment2015, 41, 244-256

Lindstad, Haakon
Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Psaraftis, Harilaos
Sandaas, Inge
Strømman, Anders H.

Maritime shipping and emissions: A three-layered, damage-based approach

Ocean Engineering2015, 110(B), 94-101

Pantuso, Giovanni
Fagerholt, Kjetil
Wallace, Stein W.

Which uncertainty is important in multistage stochastic programmes? A case from maritime transportation

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 2015, 26(1), 1-13

Pantuso, Giovanni
Fagerholt, Kjetil
Wallace, Stein W.

Solving Hierarchical Stochastic Programs: Application to the Maritime Fleet Renewal Problem

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Globalisation and maritime labour in Norway after the Second World War

The International Journal of Maritime History, 2015, 27(4), 774-792

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Strandenes, Siri Pettersen

Turning down the volume? Prospects of structural changes in international energy seaborne trade

Research in Transportation Business & Management, 2015, 17, 8-13

Wang, Xin
Wallace, Stein W.

Stochastic scheduled service network design in the presence of a spot market for excess capacity

EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics2015, Online 24.06.2015

Wang, Yulan
Wallace, Stein W.
Shen, Bin
Choi, Tsan-Ming

Service supply chain management: A review of operational models

European Journal of Operational Research2015, 247(3), 685-698

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Wallace, Stein W.

A heuristic for the single-product capacitated facility layout problem with random demand

EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics2015, 4(3), 379-398