Katrine Berg Nødtvedt

PhD Candidate Katrine Berg Nødtvedt

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Strategy and Management
Behavioural economics Consumer Behavior Social Psychology


Katrine Berg Nødtvedt is a psychologist and PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Strategy and Management at the Norwegian School of Economics. She was trained as a psychologist at the University of Bergen, where she completed her degree in 2016. She is interested in environmental and pro-social behavior, and her PhD research explores how consumers respond to nontraditional models of consumption within the sharing economy.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Ay, Fehime Ceren; Berge, Joel; Nødtvedt, Katrine Berg Strategic curiosity: An experimental study of curiosity and dishonesty Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Volume 217; page 287 - 297; 2023
Nødtvedt, Katrine Berg; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Skard, Siv E. Rosendahl; Thorbjørnsen, Helge; Van Bavel, Jay J. Racial bias in the sharing economy and the role of trust and self-congruence Journal of experimental psychology. Applied Volume 27 (3); page 508 - 528; 2021
Nødtvedt, Katrine Berg Hva motiverer til bruk av delingstjenester? : Magma forskning og viten Volume 21 (8); page 18 - 26; 2018
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