Specialisation in Management Control

Specialisation in Management Control

To practise the best possible management, take the best possible decisions and increase the value creation in your company require both accounting and analytic skills.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
Master of Business Administration
Application period
26 January-22 September 2024. Next admission meeting 24 April 2024
Study start
23 September 2024

The specialisation in Management Control gives a detailed introduction to how accounting, financial instruments, strategic analyses and other tools, including technology and digitisation, can be used to increase value creation in businesses. The core EMBA topics are combined with a specific focus on accounting and analytical skills, to enable students to make the best possible value creation decisions for their organisations.

Throughout your studies, you will also work with specific problems related to your own business.

The specialisation intends to

  • give the students research-based knowledge of financial management, leadership, organisation, finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, international economy, innovation, digitalisation, ethics etc.
  • give the students good analytical skills within fields such as strategic analysis, profitability analysis, financial statement analysis, investment analysis, valuation etc.
  • give the candidates up-to-date knowledge of how different management tools can be used strategically to increase value creation in an enterprise in light of new technological possibilities and challenges
  • give the students skills in how to apply theories and tools through work on real company cases
  • provide opportunities for networking through learning and development both in and outside the classroom.

Target group

The specialisation targets both people with management experience and people with ambitions to become managers. The specialisation attracts participants from a wide range of industries both in the private and the public sector.

Build a network

In the specialization, you will meet some of NHH's foremost researchers and guest lecturers from business and society. You and your fellow students represent a wide range of Norwegian business and administration. A diverse group of participants with complementary skills and backgrounds provides a unique learning environment and helps to promote different perspectives on business problems. The synergy effect between theoretical knowledge and the participants' practical experience creates an intensive, effective and engaging learning process.

Close and personal guidance

To ensure consistency and quality of the specialisation, and a close and personal guidance of all participants, a dedicated academic director will follow the participants from the very beginning until the end. The academic director maintains a high academic level, has a strong commitment and a large degree of involvement in you and your learning.

Professor Trond Bjørnenak. Foto: Joakim S. Enger

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About the programme

ECTS Credits
Master of Business Administration
Application period
26 January-22 September 2024. Next admission meeting 24 April 2024
Study start
23 September 2024

Practical Information

  • Tuition fee: NOK 490,000 (NOK 98,000 per subject module)
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian
  • Five subject modules over a period of two year

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Programme structure

Module 1: Strategic profitability analysis and customer orientation
Quality Hotel Leangkollen, Asker
Introduction to managment and control
NHH Campus Bergen
Profitability understanding
Zoom - case and guidance
Thon Hotel Slottsparken, Oslo
Customer and market strategies
Zoom - case, exam preparation and supervision
Submission of group assignment
Home exam 1st subject module, 6 hours
Module 2: Strategy, managment and accounting
NHH Campus Oslo
 Strategic analysis  
Quality Hotel Leangkollen, Asker
Financial reporting  
20.03.2025 Zoom - lecture and exam preparations  
Home exam 2nd subject module, five days  
Thon Hotel Slottsparken, Oslo
Sustainable business models and ESG reporting  
10.04.2025 Zoom - assignment submission  
01.05.2025 Submission of semester assignment (group) sustainability  
Module 3: Innovation, change and finance
NHH Campus, Bergen
Digitalization management, HRM and change management
Bocconi, Milano
Study trip: Differentiation strategies
01.07.2025 Submission of reflection note
Thon Hotel Slottsparken, Oslo
Project analysis and research methods
NHH Campus, Bergen
Technology and innovation
09.10.2025 Zoom - case, exam preparatio
23.10.2025 Home exam 3rd subject module, 6 hours
Module 4: Valuation and general management and control
Quality Hotel Leangkollen, Asker
NHH Campus, Oslo
Home exam 4th subject module, 8 hours
NHH Campus, Oslo
NUS, Singapore
Study trip: Doing Business in Asia
03.03.2026 Submission of project assignment, part two
03.03.2026 Semester assignement (group)
Module 5: Integration
NHH Campus, Oslo
Current integration topics and work on the master's thesis
NHH Campus, Bergen
Career planning, working with the capstone project under supervision
30.07.2026 Submission of master's thesis
NHH Campus, Bergen
Defense of master's thesis, current topics and conclusion