PhD specialisation in Accounting and Auditing

PhD specialisation in Accounting and Auditing

The specialisation offers an active and dynamic research environment in our three main research areas: Management Accounting; Financial Accounting and Auditing; and Economics, Ethics and Law. Faculty members are dedicated to guiding and supporting PhD candidates in their research education.

The PhD specialisation in Accounting and Auditing includes a diverse course portfolio inside and outside the department. Our PhD candidates are actively encouraged to make use of the opportunities in engaging in our international network for course work as well as for other research activities.

PhD positions are posted on NHH's Vacant postions-site when available.

  • Areas of research

  • PhD courses

    PhD courses

    A minimum of 45 credits need to be completed normally within the second year

    Mandatory courses at IRRR:      
    MET530 Introduction to Research Designs and Methodological Choices: Accounting track 5 ECTS Autumn
    MET524 Research Ethics for the Social Sciences 2,5 ECTS Spring 2024

    Scientific Methods (FOR+IRRR)

    5 ECTS Spring 2024
    Courses given at IRRR:      
    REG523 Behavioral and Archival Auditing Research 5 ECTS Spring
    REG511 Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting Research 7,5 ECTS Autumn 2023

    PhD candidates are also encouraged to attend short specialisation courses at other Scandinavian or European Universities. Once a year, all PhD candidates meet at the PhD day - a lively workshop where they present and discuss each other’s work.

  • Requirements for admission

    Requirements for admission

    Applicants should hold a Master’s degree in business administration, economics, or comparable discipline.  It is beneficial if applicants have a background in either quantitative or qualitative empirical methods. They should also be fluent in English. Moreover, non-Scandinavian applicants should complement their application with recent GMAT or GRE tests.

    General admission requirements

  • Research environment

    Research environment

    Every PhD candidate is provided with office space, computer facilities and administrative support. We make a particular effort to include the PhD candidates in the research activities of the department. 
    We also arrange the possibility for PhD candidates to pay a long term visit to foreign institution that are part of the department’s networks.


Here you can meet the current PhD students at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law and find out more about their projects.