Reporting vs Achieving - how to show the climate effect of capital?

Presentations from the event

Susanne Gløersen, Founder and Sustainability Strategist, SustainableInsight:
Setting the scene on climate integration in private equity and venture capital

Rebbecca C. Svensøy, General Counsel, FSN:
Integrating Climate impact in sourcing and ownership period

Frances Eaton and Bjørn Munthe, Nysnø:
How cool can we go? Climate impact investing

Lassi Ahlvik, Assistant Professor, NHH: 
Climate policies and firms' value

Einar Gamman, Senior Partner, EV Private Equity:
The Future of Energy - Growth Investing in a Low Carbon World



Discussion based seminar to learn from your peers and industry experts how best to integrate, manage, measure and present the climate effects of your investments.


Primarily private equity and venture capital fund managers, investors and advisors. Representatives from the wider finance community will also be invited.

Reporting vs. achieving will explore

  • insight in GP's action and best practice efforts on climate integration in selection and active ownership
  • investors' expectations for climate considerations, measuring and reporting of a portfolio
  • what tools are available to help integrate, measure and present a portfolio's climate effect
  • quantitative vs. qualitative approaches, and differences between PE and VC
  • climate impact as a competitive edge
  • expected regulations and current pace – where should the industry strive to be in 2-3 years?
  • the impact of CO2 pricing on an investor's portfolio