Tech Upgrade: Data Analytics

Tech Upgrade: Data Analytics

Do you want to learn about data science and machine learning?

Digitalization of businesses has lead to a tremendous increase in data available to firms. Harnessing this data for your business is becoming a central skill in any professional’s toolkit. NHH’s new techUpgrade program offers a thorough, yet practical introduction to these new methods to all practitioners. The programme has been developed in collaboration with Econa.

Our techUpgrade will provide you with a core set of tools to do the data analysis your company needs, but we will also cover data handling, merging and cleaning as well as advanced visualization techniques. 

We will use the statistical programming language R throughout the course. R has become one of the world’s most important programming languages and is freely available.

Our teaching philosophy is to provide, be hands-on and to focus on practical examples that can be quickly transferred to new problems.

Target Group

Siviløkonomer/M.Sc./Ind.øk. In general people that have been learning math and statistics at bachelor or masters level previously, but that have a need to upgrade their understanding and skills in order to be able to make more data based decisions in the future.

form of teaching

Most of your teaching will be hand’s on and will focus on the applications of techniques rather than the abstract concepts behind them.

Our idea is to use examples to teach certain skills and techniques.

Another piece in our teaching philosophy is the best learning happens when students themselves learn how to implements things.

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Practical information

  • We offer this cours only as In-house training
  • The program will be taught in English

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Programme structure

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Introduction & Algorithms
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Statistics & Research Process
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Data Types and Manipulation I
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Data Types and Manipulation II