Research distinction courses

To achieve a research distinction you must complete a minimum of four RDT courses (30 ECTS), with a minimum grade of "B".

Research Distinction Courses


Code Name Stp Semester
BAN430 BAN430Forecasting 7.5 Spring
BAN431 BAN431Econometrics and Statistical Programming (expired) 7.5
BUS427 BUS427Advanced Management Accounting 7.5 Spring
BUS459 BUS459Predictive Analytics with R 7.5 Spring
BUS461 BUS461Decision Modelling in Business (Replaced by BAN402) 7.5 Autumn
ENE420 ENE420Decision Modelling in Business 7.5 Autumn
BUS444 BUS444Econometrics for Business Research 7.5 Spring
BUS444E BUS444EEconometrics for Business Research (Expired) 7.5 Autumn
ECN401 ECN401Applied Microeconomic Theory 7.5 Spring
ECN402 ECN402Econometric Techniques 7.5 Autumn Spring
ECN430 ECN430Empirical Methods and Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance 7.5 Spring
ECN431 ECN431Applied Data Analysis of Firm Strategy and Competition 7.5 Spring
ECO400 ECO400Decisions, Strategy and Information 7.5 Autumn
ECO401 ECO401Optimisation and Microeconomic Theory 7.5 Autumn
ECO403 ECO403Time Series Analysis and Prediction 7.5 Spring
ECO420 ECO420Corporate Governance 7.5 Autumn
ECO421 ECO421Asset Pricing 7.5 Spring
ECO422 ECO422Advanced Corporate Finance 7.5 Autumn
ECO423 ECO423Principles of Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management 7.5 Spring
ECO425 ECO425International Macroeconomics 7.5 Spring
ECO427 ECO427Industrial Organisation 7.5 Spring
ECO433 ECO433Empirical Strategies for Causal Analysis 7.5 Spring
ECO437 ECO437Topics in Stochastic Methods: Stochastic Analysis with Applications in Economics 7.5 Spring
ECO439 ECO439Resource Economics 7.5 Spring
ECO440 ECO440Economics of Uncertainty: Insurance and Finance 7.5 Spring
ECO441 ECO441Taxes, Private Decision-Making and Public Policy 7.5 Spring
ENE429 ENE429Topics in Applied Management of the Environment and Natural Resources 7.5 Spring
FIE447 FIE447Trading, Liquidity, and Pricing in Securities Markets 7.5 Autumn
FIE451 FIE451Quantitative Investments 7.5 Spring
MBM400A MBM400AResearch for Brand Decisions 7.5 Autumn
STR402A STR402AMethodology for Master Thesis 7.5 Autumn Spring
STR405 STR405Methodology for Master Thesis 7.5 Spring
STR422 STR422Implementation of Strategic Change and Learning in Organisations 7.5 Spring
STR451 STR451Managerial Decision Making 7.5 Spring