Ola Kvaløy

Adjunct Professor Ola Kvaløy

Business and Management Science
Management Science Industrial Organization Behavioural economics Incentives Contracts Law and Economics

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Eriksen, Kristoffer Wigestrand; Fest, Sebastian; Kvaløy, Ola; Dijk, Oege Fair advice Journal of Banking & Finance Volume 143 (14 pages); 2022
Füllbrunn, Sascha; Kvaløy, Ola; Luhan, Wolfgang Investing other people's money Handbook of experimental finance; page 132 - 144; 2022
Kvaløy, Ola; Olsen, Trond Egil Balanced Scorecards: A Relational Contract Approach Journal of Accounting Research (34 pages); 2022
Dur, Robert; Kvaløy, Ola; Schöttner, Anja Leadership Styles and Labor Market Conditions Management science Volume 68 (4); page 3150 - 3168; 2022
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