Events at CBE

Events at CBE

CBE organises a regular seminar series with internal and external speakers, and workshops and conferences.

Attendance is open to faculty members and students. PhD students interested in the industrial organisation are strongly encouraged to participate.

If you are not a member of the CBE research group but would like to attend the seminar, please send an email to the seminar organizers Mateusz Mysliwski ( or Øyvind Thommasen (

Seminar contact:

  • Workshops and conferences

    Workshops and conferences

    8th annual BECCLE Competition Conference 2024

    Nordic Theory Workshop 2023

    Peder Sather Conference 2023

    The EARIE Annual Conference 2021

    Workshop with Telenor 2019
    Taxation and Regulation in the Digital Economy 2018
    Asymmetriske innkjøpspriser i det norske dagligvaremarkedet 2018
    Workshop on the Mechanisms of Corruption 2017
    Peder Sather Conference 2016
    Workshop on Organisational Economics 2016
    Peder Sather Workshop on Industrial Organization 2013
    Peder Sather Workshop on Health Care & Industrial Organization 2013
    3rd annual BECCLE Competition Conference 2017
    2nd annual BECCLE Competition Conference 2016
    1st annual BECCLE Competition Conference 2015
    Allmennkringkasteres rolle i det nye medielandskapet 2014
    Workshop on industrial organization 2014
    Nettnøytralitet og streaming 2013
    Workshop on vertical restraints 2013
    7th CLEEN PhD workshop 2013 
    Eierskapsregulering i mediemarkedene 2012
    Association of Competition Economics (ACE) 2011






    Jonathan Kolstad (UCB)
    "Information Frictions and Adverse Selection: Policy Interventions in Health Insurance Markets" 
    Discussant: Malin Arve (NHH)

    Chiara Canta (NHH)
    "Does Reference Pricing Drive Out Generic Competition in Pharmaceutical Markets? Evidence from a Policy Reform"
    Discussant: Ben Handel (UCB)





    Ben Handel (UCB)
    "What Does a Deductible Do? The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Health Care Prices, Quantities, and Spending Dynamics"
    Discussant: Morten Sæthre (NHH)





    Aaron Edlin (UCB)
    "Hunting Unicorns? Experimental Evidence on Predatory Pricing Policies"
    Discussant: Thomas de Haan (NHH)

    Morten Sæthre (NHH)
    "Responses to Quality Standards in the Pharmaceutical Market"
    Discussant: Erik Sørensen





    Jacopo Bizzotto (UiO)
    "Fees, Reputation, and Rating Quality"
    Discussant: Jonathan Kolstad (UCB)

    Steve Tadelis (UCB)
    "The Limits of Reputation in Platform Markets: An Empirical Analysis and Field Experiment"
    Discussant: Trond Olsen (NHH)





    Richard Gilbert (UCB)
    "Licensing and Innovation with Imperfect Contract Enforcement"
    Discussant: Steffen Juranek (NHH)

    Carl Shapiro (UCB)
    "Property Rules vs. Liability Rules for Patent Infringement"
    Discussant: Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen (UiB)





    Tore Ellingsen (SSE and NHH)
    "Paying Specialists: A theory of Competitive Compensation"
    Discussant: Steve Tadelis (UCB)





    Christian Riis (BI)
    "Patent Design"
    Discussant: Richard Gilbert (UCB)

    Tore Nilssen (UiO)
    "Delegation of Regulation"
    Discussant: Carl Shapiro (UCB)





    Bjørn Olav Johansen (UiB)
    "Platform Price Parity Clauses with Direct Sales"
    Discussant: Aaron Edlin (UCB)





  • Seminars Spring 2024

    Seminars Spring 2024

    The following seminars are scheduled for the Spring semester 2024:

    Tue 13. February, 12:15 - 13:30
    Mads Greaker, Oslo Met.
    "International cooperation on the climate: The case for a green innovation club"

    Tue 20. February, 12:15 - 13:30
    Tomasz Sulka, DICE.
    "Exploitative Contracting in a Life Cycle Savings Model"
    Tue 05. March, 12:15 - 13:30
    Fernando Stipanicic, University of Oslo.
    "The Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge: Evidence From the Jet Age"

    Tue 16. April, 12:15 - 13:30
    Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, University of Mannheim.
    "Optimal Supply Chain Contracts Under Asymmetric Information"

    Tue 23. April, 12:15 - 13:30
    Andreea Enache, Stockholm School of Economics
    "Identifying the Effect of Seasonal Industry-Wide Promotion Campaigns: Evidence from the French Movie Industry"

    Tue 30. April 12:15 - 16:00
    Micro Research Day
    Program TBA

    Tue 07. May, 12:15 - 13:30
    Johannes Schneider, UC3M.
    "Embracing The Enemy"
    Tue 21. May, 12:15 - 13:30
    Andre Veiga, Imperial College London.

    Tue 11. June, 12:15 - 13:30
    Colin Green, NTNU.

  • Seminars Spring 2023

    Seminars Spring 2023

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2023:

    Tue 7 March, 12.15-13.30
    Malin Arve, NHH
    "Multiproduct business-to-business negotiations with outside options"

    Tue 21 March, 12.15 - 13.30
    Dora Zsuzsanna Simon, UiS
    "A Quantitative Analysis of Sustainable Globalization"

    Tue 11 April, 12.15-13.30
    Christoph Gschnaidtner

    Tue 18 April, 12.15-13.30
    Johannes Schneider, UC3M
    "A Quest for Knowledge"

    Tue 25 April, 12.15-13.30
    Marleen Marra, Sciences Po
    "Competitive award of scarce airport slots: An empirical analysis"

    Tue 2 May, 12.15-13.30
    Sebastian Fleitas, University of Leuven
    "Markups and Mergers in the US Hospital Industry"

    Tue 16 May, 12.15-13.30
    Yassine Lefouili, TSE
    "Mergers and Demand-Enhancing Innovation"


  • Seminars Fall 2022

    Seminars Fall 2022

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2022:

    Tue 20 September, 12.15-13.30
    Luca Picariello, University of Naples Federico II "Corporate Governance, Favoritism and Careers"

    Tue 4 October, 12.15-13.30
    Anna Ignatenko, Department of Economics, NHH "Price Discrimination and Competition in International Transportation"

    Tue 18 October, 12.15-13.30
    Mateusz Mysliwski, Department of Economics, NHH "Taking the biscuit: how Safari privacy policies affect online advertising"

    Tue 1 November, 12.15-13.30
    Hester Zhang, IESE Barcelona "Jump Bidding as a Signaling Game"

    Tue 29 November, 12.15-13.30
    Phuong Ho, SNF "Why Is Trading So Important in Cap and Trade? The Role of Economies of Scale and Productivity"

    Tue 10 May, 12.15-13.30
    Van Vuong, Maastricht University

    Tue 13 December, 12.15-13.30
    Lars Sørgard, Department of Economics, NHH “Reforming Norwegian policy on electricity markets”

  • Seminars Spring 2022

    Seminars Spring 2022

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2022:

    Tue 1 March, 12.15-13.30
    Lars Sørgard, Department of Economics, NHH
    Competition Policy: From Theory to Decisions

    Tue 15 March, 12.15-13.30
    Ole-Andreas Elvik Næss, SNF
    Investor Beliefs about Mispriced Stocks

    Tue 29 March, 12.15-13.30
    Fabio Miessi Sanches, BI Norwegian Business School
    Church competition, religious subsidies and the rise of evangelicanism

    Tue 5 April, 12.15-13.30
    Cornelius Schneider, University of Mannheim
    The Bright Side of Tax Evasion

    Tue 3 May, 12.15-13.30
    Wilko Letterie, Maastricht University
    Coopetition, formal and informal appropriation mechanisms and the role of environmental dynamism and compeition intensity

    Tue 10 May, 12.15-13.30
    Van Vuong, Maastricht University

    Tue 24 May, 12.15-13.30
    Tomaso Dusi, DIW Berlin
    Assessing EU Merger Control through Compensating Efficiencies

    Tue 31 May, 12.15-13.30
    Marleen Marra, Science Po

    Tue 7 June, 12.15-13.30
    Shaoda Wang, Chicago Harris

  • Seminars Fall 2021

    Seminars Fall 2021

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2021:

    Tue 7 September, 12.15-13.30
    Heidi Thysen, Department of Economics, NHH
    Subjective Causality

    Tue 21 September, 12.15-13.30
    Minhae Kim, Ohio State University
    Does the Internet Replace Brick-and-Mortar Bank Branches?

    Tue 5 October, 12.15-13.30
    Tyra Merker, University of Oslo
    Uniform Pricing in Retail Markets - Why Multiple Products and Consumer Self-Selection Matter

    Tue 19 October, 12.15-13.30
    Lukas Laffers, Matej Bel University
    Double Machine Learning for Samle Selection Models

    Tue 2 November, 12.15-13.30
    Harim Kim, Department of Economics, NHH
    Cleaner but volatile energy?

    Tue 16 November, 12.15-13.30
    Ola Kvaløy, University of Stavanger/Department of Economics, NHH

    Tue 30 November, 12.15-13.30
    Paul Pelzl, Department of Business and Management Science, NHH
    Natural resource booms and innovation.

    Tue 14 December, 12.15-13.30
    Laura Grigolon, University of Mannheim
    Credit Conditions when Lenders are Commonly Owned

  • Seminars Spring 2021

    Seminars Spring 2021

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2021:

    Tue 2 March, 12.15-13.00
    Charlotte Bjørnhaug Evensen, Department of Economics, NHH
    Targeted advertising in digital media markets

    Tue 16 March, 12.15-13.00
    Bernhard Ganglmair, University of Mannheim
    Visibility of technology and cumulative innovation: Evidence from trade secrets laws

    Tue 20 April, 12.15-13.00
    Andreas Jørgensen Tveito, University of Bergen

    Tue 27 April, 12.15-13.00
    Joseph E. Harrington, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    The effect of outsourcing pricing algorithms on market competition

  • Seminars Fall 2020

    Seminars Fall 2020

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2020:

    Tue 08 Sep, 12.15-13.00
    Kurt Brekke, Department of Economics, NHH
    Operational IO: highlights from the Norwegian Competition Authority
    Tue 20 Oct, 12.15-13.00
    Gustav Karreskog, Stockholm School of Economics
    Rational Heuristics Predicts Behavior in One-Shot Games

    Tue 27 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Eeva Mauring, University of Bergen
    Sequential Search with Limited Price Discrimination

    Tue 10 Nov, 12.15-13.30 
    Øivind Anti Nilsen, Department of Economics, NHH
    Bank Consolidation, Interest Rates, and Risk: A Post-Merger Analysis Based on Loan-level Data from the Corporate Sector
    Tue 1 Dec, 12.15-13.30 
    Mario Blazquez de Paz, Department of Business and Management Science, NHH
    Redispatch in zonal pricing electricity markets 
    Tue 8 Dec, 12.15-13.30 
    Victoria Marone, University of Texas, Austin/Statistics Norway (SSB)
    Should there be Vertical Choice in Health Insurance Markets?
  • Seminars Fall 2019

    Seminars Fall 2019

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2019:

    Mon 26 Aug, 12.15-13.00
    Malin Arve, NHH
    Partnerships and mergers when size matters
    Mon 02 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Johannes Mauritzen, BI Trondheim
    The auditor and dividend payout in small private firms: Evidence from a natural experiment
    Mon 23 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Makoto Hanazono, Nagoya University
    Market Structure and Price Dispersion
    Mon 12 Oct, 12.15-13.00
    Chang-Koo Chi, NHH
    Correlated Large Contests
    Mon 21 Oct, 15.00-16.00
    Egor Starkov, University of Copenhagen.
    Experts, Quacks and Fortune-Tellers: Dynamic Cheap Talk with Career Concerns
    Mon 04 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Daniel Hauser, Aalto University
    Social Learning with Model Misspecification: A Framework and a Characterization
    Mon 11 Nov, 15.00-16.15
    David Ronayne, University of Oxford
    A Theory of Stable Price Dispersion
    Mon 18 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Lars Nesheim, UCL/IFS
    Sparse demand systems: corners and complements
    Mon 25 Nov, 12.15-13.00
    Shrey Nishchal, NHH
    Mon 02 Dec, 12.15-13.15
    Luca Picariello, University of Naples
    Organizational Design with Portable Skills
    Mon 09 Dec, 12.15-13.00
    Mateusz Mysliwski, NHH
    Implications of Consumer Loyalty for Price Dynamics when Price Adjustment is Costly
  • Seminars Spring 2019

    Seminars Spring 2019

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2019:

    Mon 18 Mar, 12.15-13.30
    Derek Clark, University of Tromsø
    Creating balance in dynamic competitions
    Mon 25 Mar, 12.15-13.00
    Oivind A. Nilsen, NHH
    Competition in local bank markets: risk taking and loan supply
    Mon 01 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Thomas Geelen, Copenhagen Business School
    Information Dynamics and Debt Maturity
    Wed 10 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Celine Bonnet, Toulouse School of Economics
    Reformulation and taxes for healthier consumption: Empirical evidence from the French Dessert market
    Mon 29 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Frikk Nesje, University of Heidelberg
    Cross-dynastic intergenerational altruism
    Mon 13 Mai, 12.15-13.30
    Pawel Gola, BI Norwegian Business School
    Supply and Demand in a Two-sector Matching Model
    Mon 20 Mai, 12.15-13.30
    Mario Samano, HEC Montreal
    Incentivized Mergers and Cost Efficiency: Evidence from the Electricity Distribution Industry
    Mon 27 Mai, 12.15-13.15
    Eirik Kristiansen, NHH
    Beneficial Hedging of Managerial Compensation
    Mon 03 Jun, 12.15-13.30
    Matthew Backus, Columbia University
    Common Ownership in America: 1980–2017
  • Seminars Fall 2018

    Seminars Fall 2018

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2018:

    Thu 23 Aug, 14.15-15.30
    David Miller, University of Michigan
    Seeking Relationship Support: Strategic network formation and robust cooperation
    Thu 13 Sep, 14.15-15.30
    Florian Morath, Goethe University Frankfurt
    The taxation of decentralized trade with endogenous information: Theory and test
    Mon 24 Sep, 12.15-13.00
    Mai Nguyen-Ones, NHH
    Price Coordination with Prior Announcements in Retail Gasoline Markets
    Mon 03 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Joao Correia da Silva, University of Porto
    Ootimal Priority Pricing of Durable Goods
    Mon 15 Oct, 12.15-13.00
    Simen Ulsaker, NHH
    Non-monotonic cross-price effects: The impact of intensive and extensive margins in cross-border shopping
    Mon 22 Oct, 14.15-15.30
    Hanna Hottenrott, TU Munich
    Start-up subsidies: Does the policy instrument matter?
    Mon 29 Oct, 12.15-13.00
    Astrid Kunze, NHH
    Parental Leave from the Firm’s Perspective
    Mon 05 Nov, 12.15-13.00
    Justin Valasek, NHH
    Robust Information Aggregation in Committees
    Mon 19 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Aljoscha Janssen, Stockholm School of Economics
    Switching Costs, Quality Misconceptions and Behavioral Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Market
    Mon 26 Nov, 12.15-13.00
    Eirik Kristiansen, NHH
    Hedging Compensation Contracts
    Mon 03 Dec, 12.15-13.30
    Aditya V Kuvalekar, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    Learning in Relational Contracts
    Mon 10 Dec, 12.15-13.30
    Daniel Savelle, University of Virginia
    The Opacity of Search Market: Discrete Choices with (and without) Ordered Search
  • Seminars Spring 2018

    Seminars Spring 2018

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2018:

    Mon 12 Feb, 12.15-13.00
    Claudia Salim
    Platform cooperation
    Mon 26 Feb, 12.15-13.30
    Hideshi Itoh, Waseda University
    Image Concerns in Teams
    Mon 12 Mar, 12.15-13.30
    Tuomas Laiho, University of Oslo
    Launching a new product: The welfare effects of commitment power and social learning
    Mon 19 Mar, 12.15-13.00
    Timothy Wyndham and Oddmund Berg, NHH
    Eliminating Salopian sobriety? The role of travel costs in the demand for alcohol
    Mon 09 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Joana Resende, University of Porto
    Optimal dynamic pricing of green goods under discounted network effects
    Mon 16 Apr, 12.15-13.00
    David Heller, University of Frankfurt
    Financing Innovation in Europe: The Impact of Financial Resources on Patented Innovations
    Mon 23 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Martin Schmalz, University of Michigan
    How does ownership structure affect firms’ strategic behavior and market outcomes?
    Mon 30 Apr, 12.15-13.00
    Kenneth Fjell, NHH
    On Repeated Myopic Use of the Inverse Elasticity Pricing Rule
    Mon 14 May, 12.15-13.00
    Chang-Koo Chi, NHH
    On Repeated Myopic Use of the Inverse Elasticity Pricing Rule
    Mon 28 May, 12.15-13.00
    Krisztina Molnar, NHH
    Do Time Preferences Change? Evidence from Italian Earthquakes
    Mon 04 Jun, 12.15-13.00
    Øivind Anti Nilsen, NHH
    Seasonality and synchronization: Price-setting in multiproduct firms
    Thu 14 Jun, 12.15-13.30, Meeting room C-617
    Jin Li, LSE
    The Firm-Growth Imperative: A Theory of Production and Personnel Management
    Mon 25 Jun, 12.15-13.00
    Steffen Juranek, NHH
    Banking Crises and Corporate Innovation
  • Seminars Fall 2017

    Seminars Fall 2017

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Fall semester 2017:

    Mon 04 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Luca Picariello, NHH
    Promotions and Human Capital Acquisition: Do Competitive Firms set the Bar too High?
    Mon 11 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Christian Krestel, Aalto University
    Learning Through Search
    Mon 18 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Tina Søreide, NHH
    Enforcement of Corporate Criminal Liability in Bribery Cases
    Mon 25 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Øystein Foros, NHH
    Competition when big data allow for personalized pricing and product customization
    Mon 02 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Lassi Ahlvik, NHH
    Carbon leakage: A mechanism design approach
    Mon 09 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Patrick Gonzalez, Universite Laval
    Does Transparency Reduce Political Corruption?
    Mon 16 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Olga Gorelkina, University of Liverpool
    Selling 'Money' on Ebay: A Field Study of Surplus Division
    Mon 23 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Thomas de Haan, NHH
    A new method to elicit probability distribution beliefs
    Mon 30 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Juan Jose Ganuza, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
    Formal contracts without courts: Scoring suppliers to build trust
    Thu 02 Nov, 14.15-15.30***
    Christian Eufinger, IESE
    Unholy Trinity: Bailout Guarantees, Fixed Wages, and Capital Regulation
    Mon 06 Nov, 12.15-13.30*
    Fred Schroyen, NHH
    International tax information agreements and the use of tax amnesty in Norway
    Mon 13 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Erik Lundin, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
    Market Power and Joint Ownership: Evidence from Nuclear Plants in Sweden
    Mon 20 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Iver Bragelien, NHH
    Is contingent pay effective? - An examination of the evidence
    Mon 27 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Simen A. Ulsaker, NHH
    Exclusionary contracts and incentives to innovate
    Mon 04 Dec, 12.15-13.30
    Steffen Juranek, NHH
    Software vulnerabilities and bounty programs

    *joint with NoCeT
    **joint with ENE
    ***joint with the Department for Business and Management Science

  • Seminars Spring 2017

    Seminars Spring 2017

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2017:

    Mon 13 Feb, 12.15-13.30
    Heiner Schumacher, University of Leuven
    You are fired! Employees' Response to Work Norm Violations
    Mon 06 Mar, 12.15-13.30
    Christoph Schottmuller, University of Copenhagen
    An informational theory of privacy
    Mon 20 Mar, 12.15-13.30
    Malin Arve, NHH
    On the role of budget-constraints in pre-commercial procurement
    Mon 27 Mar, 12.15-13.30
    Chang-Koo Chi, NHH
    The Value of Information in Agency Models
    Thu 30 Mar, 10.15-11.30
    Ola Kvaløy, University of Stavanger
    Fair Advice
    Tue 04 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Trond Olsen, NHH
    Optimal relational bonus contracts when the first-order approach fails
    Mon 24 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Eirik Kristiansen, NHH
    Contracting Institutions and Location of Manufacturing
    Mon 08 May, 10.15-11.30
    Alessio Piccolo, University of Oxford
    The Ethics of Intergenerational Risk
    Mon 29 May, 12.15-13.30*
    Paolo Giovanni Piacquadio, University of Oslo
    The Ethics of Intergenerational Risk
    Mon 26 Jun, 12.15-13.30
    Pierre Jinghong Liang, Carnegie Mellon University
    On the Social Value of Accounting Objectivity in Financial Stability
    *joint with the Choice Lab
    Mon 6 Jan 12.15-13.30
    Anna D'Annunzio, Telenor
    Ad networks, consumer tracking and privacy
    Mon 20 Feb 12.15-13.30
    Jaap Bos, University of Maastricht
    Reconsidering Non-neutral Technical Change
    Mon 24 Apr 12.15-13.30
    Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics
    Mon 15 May 12.15-13.30
    Richard Friberg, Stockholm School of Economics
    Mon 22 May 12.15-13.30
    Celine Bonnet, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Seminars Fall 2016

    Seminars Fall 2016

    The following meetings are scheduled for Fall 2016:

    Mon 26 Sep, 12.15-13.30, meeting room on the 9th floor
    Dakshina De Silva, University of Lancaster
    Project Modi fications and Bidding in Highway Procurement Auctions
    Mon 10 Oct, 12.15-13.30, meeting room on the 9th floor - joint with CIO
    Daniel Göller, University of Agder
    Mobile telephony in emerging markets: The importance of multi-simming customers
    Mon 24 Oct, 12.15-13.30, meeting room on the 9th floor
    Trond Olsen, NHH
    Relational contracting with external enforcement
    Mon 07 Nov, 12.15-13.30, Room: E209
    Yanren Zhang, Fudan University
    Family Talents in Family Firms: A Signaling Approach
    Mon 21 Nov, 12.15-13.30, Room: E209
    Christoph Wolf, University of Mannheim
    Informative Milestones in Experimentation
    Mon 23 Nov, 14.15-15.30, Room: E209 - joint with Macro
    Katinka Holtsmark, University of Oslo
    Green Bandits
    Mon 05 Dec, 12.15-13.30, Room: E209
    Luca Picariello, NHH
    Unemployment Insurance and Talent Discovery
    Mon 10 Oct, 12.15-13.30 - joint seminar with LEMO - 9th floor meeting room
    Daniel Göller, University of Agder
    Mobile telephony in emerging markets: The importance of multi-simming customers
    Mon 28 Nov, 12.15-13.30 - E.209
    Renato Gomez, Toulouse School of Economics
    Drip prices and missed sales
    Mon 12 Dec, 12.15-13.30 - E.209
    Mai-Thi Nguyen,NHH
    Consumer Behavior and Firm Performance under Predictable Price Patterns
  • Seminars Spring 2016

    Seminars Spring 2016

    The following meetings are scheduled for the Spring semester 2016:

    Mon 18 Jan, 14.15-15.15
    Johannes Schneider, University of Mannheim
    Managing a conflict – Alternative Dispute Resolution in Contests
    Tue 19 Jan, 14.15-15.15
    Olga Chiappinelli, University of Siena
    Political Corruption In The Execution Of Public Contracts: A Principal-Agent Analysis
    Fri 22 Jan, 11.00-12.00
    Martin Pollrich, Humboldt-University Berlin
    Mediated Audits
    Wed 27 Jan, 13.00-14.00
    Giulio Trigilia, University of Warwick
    Optimal leverage and strategic disclosure
    Thu 10 Feb, 12.15-13.30*
    Deniz Okat, Aalto University School of Business
    Too big to push
    Mon 07 Mar, 12.15-13.30, Cancelled
    Dakshina De Silva, Lancaster University
    Project Modifications and Bidding in Highway Procurement Auctions
    Mon 04 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Jacopo Bizzoto, University Oslo
    The optimal timing of persuasion
    Mon 11 Apr**, 12.15-13.30
    Florian Schuett, Tilburg University
    Screening for Patent Quality: Examination, Fees, and the Courts
    Mon 09 May, 12.15-13.30
    Hans Hvide, University Bergen
    The Roles of Nature and Nurture in Entrepreneurial Success
    *joint with the Department of Finance
    **joint with IO
    Wed 03 Feb*, 12.15-14.00
    Christian Riis, Norwegian Business School
    Competition policy and innovation
    Mon 14 Mar, 14.15-15.30, Room D342
    Andre Veiga, Oxford University
    Optimal Community Rating: Theory and Evidence from UK annuities
    Mon 11 Apr**, 12.15-13.30
    Florian Schuett, Tilburg University
    Screening for Patent Quality: Examination, Fees, and the Courts
    Mon 25 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Thibaud Verger, CREST
    Partial exclusivity
    Mon 02 May, 12.15-13.30
    Mathias Reynaert, Tolouse School of Economics
    Corrective Policy and Goodhart's Law: The Case of Carbon Emissions from Automobiles
    Mon 13 Jun, 12.15-13.30
    Emilio Calvano University of Bologna
    Recommender systems: biased advice and its nature

    * This seminar is jointly organized with BECCLE and takes place in Auditorium 2, Juridisk fakultet, Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1.

    ** This seminar is jointly organized with LEMO.

  • Seminars Fall 2015

    Seminars Fall 2015

    Mon 28 Sep, 12.15-13.30
    Thomas de Haan, NHH
    Discrimination on the labor market: the curse of competition between workers
    Mon 19 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Baptiste Massenot, Frankfurt University
    A Litigation Experiment with Endogenous Disputes: English vs American Rule
    Mon 26 Oct, 12.15-13.30
    Johannes Boehm, SciencesPo
    The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Outsourcing and Aggregate Productivity
    Mon 09 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Eirik Kristiansen, NHH
    Political economy of reallocation
    Mon 16 Nov, 12.15-13.30
    Veronica Grembi, CBS
    Courts, Scheduled Damages, and Medical Malpractice Insurance
    Mon 05 Oct, 14.30-15.30
    Hiroshi Aiura, Oita University
    Geographic maldistribution of physicians on healthcare across regions
    Mon 26 Oct, 14.30-15.30
    Anders Munk-Nilsen, University of Copenhagen
    A Dynamic Model of Vehicle Ownership, Type Choice, and Usage
    Wed 28 Oct, 12.15-13.30*
    Thibaud Verger, CREST
    Are Platform Price Parity Clauses Necessarily Anticompetitive?
    Mon 23 Nov, 14.30-15.30
    Morten Sæthre, NHH
    Quality regulation and competition with product selection: Evidence from a pharmaceutical policy reform in Chile
    Mon 07 Dec, 14.30-15.30
    Frode Steen, NHH
    Anatomy of Cartel Contracts
    * This seminar is joint with BECCLE and will take place in Auditorium 3, on Dragefjellet.
  • Seminar Spring 2015

    Seminar Spring 2015

    Mon 23 Feb, 12.15-13.30
    Floris Zoutman, NHH
    Is legal pot crippling Mexican drug trafficking organizations? The effect of medical marijuana laws on US crime
    Mon 13 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Giovanni Mastrobuoni, University of Essex
    Rehabilitating Rehabilitation: Prison Conditions and Recidivism
    Mon 27 Apr, 12.15-13.30
    Trond Olsen, NHH
    Teams in relational contracts
    Mon 11 May, 12.15-13.30
    Chiara Canta, NHH
    Reference pricing, generic entry, and pharmaceutical expenditures
    Mon 1 Jun, 12.15-13.30
    Heiko Karle, ETH Zurich
    The Structure of Negotiations: Incomplete Agreements and the Focusing Effect
    Mon 8 Jun, 12.15-13.30
    Luca Picariello, NHH
    Organizational design with portable skills
    Mon 2 Feb 14.30-15.30
    Timothy Wyndham, NHH
    The importance of disliking adverts. How should we pay for the internet?
    Mon 16 Feb 14.30-15.30*
    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås, OECD
    Barriers to trade in services (OECD’s STRI Project)
    Mon 23 Feb 14.30-15.30
    Simen Ulsaker, NHH
    Competing buyers, rent extraction and inefficient exclusion
    Mon 23 March 14.30-15.30
    Lars Mathiesen, NHH
    On the uniqueness of the Cournot equilibrium
    Mon 20 April 14.30-15.30
    Teis Lunde Lømo, UiB
    Opportunism and insurance in  vertical contracting
    Mon 1 June, 12.15-13.30
    Heiko Karle, ETH Zurich
    The Structure of Negotiations: Incomplete Agreements and the Focusing Effect
    Mon 01 June 14.30-15.30
    Linda Nøstbakken, NHH
    From fossil fuels to renewables: The role of electricity storage
    * Joint with BECCLE