Strategies for Social Innovations for Sustainable Growth


The theme of the conference is social innovation strategies for sustainable growth. Central to the conference is reporting and commenting on findings from the Norwegian Innovation Index - the world's first and largest measurement of customers' perception of how innovative important businesses are.

We believe that growth in the economy is important to be able to solve the many challenges we face in the future. But the growth must be based on at least four conditions: that we do not draw on non-renewable input factors, that the growth does not increase the growth in CO2 emissions, that we are able to include as many people as possible in the workforce, and that we are able to fairly distribute the value creation.


To shed light on these issues, we draw on some of the most prominent voices in business and academia:

  • Director Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, Skift - Næringslivets klimaledere
  • Director Katinka Greve Leiner, Ferd
  • Aksel Mjøs, Head of Department of Finance, NHH
  • Director Harald Krogh, BEKK
  • Professor Tor W Andreassen, NHH & DIG.

In addition, we will hear and learn from some of the most innovative businesses in Norway.

The event will take place in Norwegian.