Courses in International Business minor

To take International Business as a minor, you need 22,5 ECTS from the profile’s portfolio of courses.

INB - minor in International Business from autumn 2017

Minimum one

Code Name Stp Semester
FIE433 FIE433International Finance 7.5 Spring
INB400 INB400Global Strategy and Management 7.5 Autumn Spring
INB427 INB427Globalisation and Integration 7.5 Spring

Ethics courses - max one of these

Code Name Stp Semester
BUS446 BUS446Sustainable Business Models 7.5 Autumn Spring
BUS452 BUS452Corruption - Incentives, Disclosure and Liability 7.5 Autumn Spring
ETI450 ETI450Corporate Social Responsibility 7.5 Spring

Electives - INB- maximum one of these

Code Name Stp Semester
BUS458 BUS458International Business Taxation (not offered) 7.5
FIE441 FIE441Taxes and Business Strategy 7.5 Spring

Electives - minor in INB

Code Name Stp Semester
BUS403 BUS403Supply Chain Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS429 BUS429Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS460 BUS460Operational Risk Management 7.5 Autumn
ENE430 ENE430Commodity Trading and Transport 7.5 Spring
ENE431 ENE431Shipping Economics and Analytics 7.5 Autumn
FIE403 FIE403Business Cycle Analysis 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE454 FIE454Business and Finance in China (not offered) 7.5
INB423 INB423International Marketing 7.5 Autumn
INB428 INB428History in the 19th and 20th Century (not offered) 7.5
INB429 INB429EU Law 7.5
MBM430 MBM430Global Business Venturing (not offered) 7.5
NBD406 NBD406Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship 7.5 Autumn
NBD407 NBD407Business Model Innovation in the Digital Era 7.5 Spring

Electives - INB- maximum one of

Code Name Stp Semester
BUS402E BUS402EFinancial Accounting I 7.5 Autumn Spring
BUS447 BUS447Financial Accounting - IFRS (expired, replaced by BUS402E/MRR412E) 7.5
INB421 INB421International Business and Nonbusiness Accounting 7.5