Application process BSc

Application process BSc

Below we provide a detailed description of the application process to NHH's Bachelor in Business, economics and Data Science. We urge you to read these steps attentively, and to thoroughly and with utmost accuracy prepare your application well in advance of the 1 March deadline.

Students who have an upper secondary degree or are in the process of acquiring an upper secondary degree from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, or Iceland should refer to the Norwegian language version of the website and follow the Nordic/Norwegian application process through Samordna Opptak. The six outlined steps below are for EU/EEA/EFTA nationals who do not have a degree from the Nordic countries previously mentioned.

<< Please be aware that the application for the programme starting in 2024 is closed >>

  • Step 1. Assess if you are qualified to apply

    Step 1. Assess if you are qualified to apply

    • Firstly, familiarize yourself well with the minimum admission requirements to be considered for admission. This can be done by selecting the country in which you received your upper secondary degree diploma at the UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL DEGREE page. For those that received an International Baccalaureate diploma, type IB. Those that graduated from a European Baccalaureate programme, type EB.
    • Secondly, it is important to ascertain whether your educational background aligns with the admission requirements set by NHH for the Bachelor of Business, Economics & Data Science programme. Please carefully consider your proficiency in Mathematics and English language.

    If you are not qualified, your application will be rejected.

  • Step 2. Find out if you need to document financial ability

    Step 2. Find out if you need to document financial ability

  • Step 3. Prepare all the documents required

    Step 3. Prepare all the documents required

    Please ensure that you have gathered all the necessary documents for your application, including a completed upper secondary school degree.

    If you are planning to take the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE, please be aware that the process may take several weeks to complete. It is crucial to schedule your test well in advance to allow sufficient time for the results to be available.

    Please note that the deadline for submitting a valid test result is 1 March, 23:59 hours CET (Central European Time).

  • Step 4. Prepare and register your application

    Step 4. Prepare and register your application

    To begin the application process, please create an account on the Norwegian national application tool, Søknadsweb. You can do this anytime between 1 November - 1 December (1st application round) OR between 1 January - 1 March (2nd application round).

    It is important to note that the application deadline is 1 March 2024, 23:59 hours CET (Central European Time), and we strictly adhere to this deadline.

    Holders of a high school degree from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Iceland must apply through Samordna Opptak.

    To get started in Søknadsweb, select 'Norwegian School of Economics' from the "Choose an institution" drop-down menu. Then, choose the appropriate login method based on your situation. If you have already created an account, select "Login International Applicant," which is the last option on the page. If this is your first time using Søknadsweb, select "Register new international applicant." Please carefully follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

    Make sure to enter your name as stated in your passport, and your correct home address. If you are offered admission, we will use this information for your acceptance letter.

    After you have registered for the first time within Søknadsweb, you will receive an email receipt with an application number.

    Using Søknadsweb, you can create your own application by entering the necessary information and uploading the required documents. Please be aware that there is no final 'submit button' in the application process. NHH's admission team will carefully monitor the progress of your application, ensuring that all the required information is provided. Once your application is deemed complete, it will undergo evaluation.

  • Step 5. Upload supporting documentation

    Step 5. Upload supporting documentation

    When uploading, carefully use our ‘Documentation Requirements’ on how to upload documents.  We recommend that you upload all your documents at the same time as registering your application. However, it is possible to do it in separate steps.

    To add documents to an already registered application, go to the application portal, select ‘My documents’ in the menu, and follow instructions to upload. When you have added a document, you receive an email receipt. This is your confirmation that we have received the document.

    You may review and administer your uploaded documents under ‘My documents’ in Søknadsweb.

    If we find that you have not uploaded all required documents, we may notify you by e-mail up until 1 March, but it remains your own responsibility to make your application complete.

    Please note that applications that are incomplete after 1 March will not be evaluated.

  • Step 6. Outcome of your application

    Step 6. Outcome of your application

    NHH will implement a 'rolling admission' process for non-Nordic applications that are complete. This entails the continuous review of applications and the issuance of admission decisions starting from 1 November until 1 April.

    Generally, you can anticipate receiving a decision not later than 1 April, as long as your application has been complete. Notifications will be sent via email, and you can also verify the outcome in the application portal.

    The study offer must be accepted within two weeks after the notification of the application result. The deadline to accept will be stated in the email confirming the admission’s offer.

    If accepted, you will receive information about housing and study permit.

    The semester starts mid-August.

    If you are offered admission but are unable to start your studies this year, you may in some cases apply for a deferment of your study offer.

Contact & Communication

Our primary mode of communication is via email, and our dedicated email address for admissions is

To ensure effective correspondence once you have applied, please verify that your registered email address is accurate and regularly check your inbox.

We recommend adding to your list of safe email addresses to prevent important communications from us being mistakenly marked as spam.

It is your responsibility to diligently read and promptly respond to all emails from the admissions office throughout the application process.

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Deadlines and Key Dates

1 November: Opening of the portal for the 1st application round

1 December: Application deadline for the 1st application round, including submission of test results and the upper secondary diploma

1 January: Opening of the portal for the 2nd application round

1 March: Application deadline for the 2nd application round, including submission of test results and the upper secondary diploma

10 May: Application deadline housing (Sammen) for International/non-Nordic students only

9 August: Start of the introduction programme

10 August: Deadline to apply for deferment

  • Disclaimer for Admission Information

    Disclaimer for Admission Information

    Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to verify admission requirements before submitting their applications. It is the responsibility of the (prospective) student to stay well-informed regarding the admission process and requirements. NHH reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add, remove, or alter content on the admission webpages. External links may be present on these pages; NHH is not responsible for their content.