Documentation Requirements BSc

Documentation Requirements BSc

You must upload scanned copies of your supporting documents to NHH’s online application system. Documents sent by post are not accepted.

What documents do you need to submit?

  • Upper secondary school degree

    Upper secondary school degree

    To ensure the proper evaluation of your upper secondary school diploma, courses, and results, kindly upload the following information:

    1. A scanned copy of your original upper secondary school diploma. If the document is issued in a language other than English, please also upload a certified English translation.

    Additionally, include the following documents: 

    2. An official grade list for all years included in your upper secondary school curriculum. 

    3. If, according to the admission requirements for your country (see the admission requirements webpage), you need to document a certain number of school hours in one or more subjects, and school hours is not mentioned in the grade list, you must include additional and official documentation of school hours.   

    4. The documents should also include an explanation of the grading system/calculation. 

    Name of the file: secondary1.pdf, secondary2.pdf, etc

  • Higher Education

    Higher Education

    Please upload a scanned copy of your transcript of records.

    File code: bachelortrans.pdf

    1. Please upload an explanation of the grading scale and the credit system. You may document it in the form of an official diploma supplement, a letter from your institution, or official information from your institution's website/study catalogue.

    File code: diplomasupplement.pdf

  • English Language Proficiency

    English Language Proficiency

    Only if applicable. See the English Language Proficiency section within Admission Requirements.

    Within the application deadline, you must have completed the following two steps:

    1. Give NHH access to verify your test score electronically. For TOEFL, you need to use the programme code 0686. There are no programme codes for IELTS and PTE.  
    2. Upload a copy of your score report to the application portal for reference. If you have taken an online test and not received a score report, upload a print screen of your test result.

    Test scores must be no more than two years old at the time of the application deadline.

  • CV/Résumé


    You must upload a copy of your CV/Résumé. The CV/Résumé should contain information about your schooling and studies, work experience, extracurricular activities, languages spoken etc. Maximum length: 1-2 pages.

    File code: CV.pdf

  • Passport


    To confirm your identity, please upload a copy of your passport. Only the ID-page is required. Ensure that the passport is valid. 

    Alternatively, if you hold the nationality of an EU/EEA/EFTA country, you may choose to upload a copy of your ID-card; ensure that the ID-card is valid. Please note that submitting both documents is not necessary; choose one based on your preference and nationality.

    File code: Passport.pdf

  • Financing


    If you are a citizen from outside the EU/EEA-area and Switzerland, you must document that you will have available the sufficient funds to cover living expenses in Norway.  

    Amount required for the application year 2023/2024: NOK 137.907 

    How to document funds for living expenses 

    1. A recent official bank statement or bank transcript in your name, OR 

    1. A sponsor guarantee letter + sponsor’s official bank statement or transcript (see below), OR 

    1. A letter confirming you are eligible for a scholarship/student loan from your home country 

    File code: finance.pdf

    What is a sponsor?  

    A guarantee from a sponsor is a letter in which the sponsor states and confirms by signature that he or she is willing to transfer the required amount upon your admission to NHH. The letter must be accompanied by a recent bank statement or transcript in the sponsor’s name. The sponsor must be aware that the amount is to be transferred to a Norwegian bank account as soon as you are admitted. 

    Note regarding tuition fee 

    In addition to transferring funds for living expenses, students from the above-mentioned area must be prepared to pay a yearly tuition fee to NHH. You do not have to provide documentation related to the tuition fee in the application process, but if admitted you will be requested to transfer for the first year in full before the start of the programme.  

    Read more about financial matters here.

Guidelines for uploading documents

Please use the following guidelines when uploading documents:

  • Upload scans of original documents only. Please also include the reverse side.
  • The accepted document format is PDF.
  • All documentation must be provided in English. If the original document is in another language, it must be accompanied a certified translation into English.
  • Please upload only the documents requested. Other documents will not be taken into consideration and may instead cause a delayed answer to your application.
  • If a document consists of several pages, please scan them together in one document.
  • Please upload the same document only once. If possible, please upload all documents at the same time.
  • We kindly ask you to name the documents according to the menu above.

Important information about documentation

  1. You are responsible for uploading all required documentation within the application deadline. Applications that are incomplete by the application deadline of 1 December will not be processed.
  2. You are liable for the uploaded documents, i.e. that they represent true and unaltered information. Wrongful or misleading information may lead to dismissal and loss of right to study. All students admitted will be asked to present original documents at the beginning of their studies.
  3. Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal and will be reported to the police.
  4. Please note that NHH maintains the right to contact institutions, firms, associations and government agencies for the purpose of explanation and/or verification of uploaded documents.

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Deadlines and Key Dates

1 November: Opening of the portal for the 1st application round

1 December: Application deadline for the 1st application round, including submission of test results and the upper secondary diploma

1 January: Opening of the portal for the 2nd application round

1 March: Application deadline for the 2nd application round, including submission of test results and the upper secondary diploma

10 May: Application deadline housing (Sammen) for International/non-Nordic students only

9 August: Start of the introduction programme

10 August: Deadline to apply for deferment

  • Disclaimer for Admission Information

    Disclaimer for Admission Information

    Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to verify admission requirements before submitting their applications. It is the responsibility of the (prospective) student to stay well-informed regarding the admission process and requirements. NHH reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add, remove, or alter content on the admission webpages. External links may be present on these pages; NHH is not responsible for their content.