Deferment of study offer

Deferment of study offer

You can apply to have your study offer deferred for up to two years based on military service, birth/adoption or other serious reasons, such as long-term illness.

Application deadline

8 August 2018

How to apply

Application for deferment of study offers for 2018

  1. Accept your study offer by sending an e-mail to Please make sure to accept within the deadline.
  2. Apply for Deferment

Please make sure to include in your application the appropriate documentation, i.e. a medical certificate, a birth or adoption certificate, a summons for military service or other. 

Deferment for more than one year is not possible.

Answer to the application

You will receive a reply to your application by semester start.

Study offer deferred from last year?

If you had your study offer deferred last year, you are guaranteed admission this year as long as you apply for admission and accept the study offer within the deadline.

Leave of absence

In case of long-term illness, pregnancy or summons to Military Service in the course of your studies, please apply for a leave of absence instead of a deferment of your study offer.