Leave of absence

Leave of absence

You may apply for a leave of absence from studies before 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the autumn semester. If the need arises after the application deadline has expired, the application must be submitted as soon as the you become aware of the need.

Leave of absence may only be granted for an entire semester. Only documented reasons are valid grounds for a leave of absence. Applications for leave of absence recieved after the end of the teaching period will not be granted.

  • Examples of valid reasons

    Examples of valid reasons

    Valid reasons may be:

    • Own illness, partner's and/or own children's illness in addtion to parents' illness
    • Pregnancy/parental leave
    • Initial compulsory military service
    • Particularly demanding offices in student associations or other public positions

    This list is intended as examples only and is not exhaustive.

  • Documentation


    To be granted a leave of absence you must provide necessary documentation.

    The documentation must be provided by a doctor, the military or other experts. The reason for your need of a leave of absence must be stated in the documentation.

    If the duration is not stated in the submitted documentation, a leave of one semester is granted. The documentation must conatin a time indication for the need.

  • Lånekassen


    If you recieve a loan and/or grant from Lånekassen, you yourself are responsible for notifying that you are on leave. You can notify yourself on "Your Pages" at lanekassen.no

  • Right to study and exams

    Right to study and exams

    Students on leave have the opportunity to take exams. If you want to take exams while on leave, you must:

    • Register for the semester
    • Pay the semester fee
    • Register for assessment

    This must be done by the deadline of 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the autumn semester.

    Students on leave who will not be taking exams do not have to pay semester fees.

    If you are granted leave and do not intend to take the courses you are already registered for, you must remember to withdraw within the withdrawal deadline.

    The right to study for students on leave is extended corresponding to the duration of the leave.

An application may be sent by email with documentation from doctor, the military etc. attached.