The Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality aims to conduct groundbreaking experimental research on how to address inequality in society. FAIR is comprised of two research groups, the Centre for Empirical Labor Economics (CELE) and The Choice Lab.


CELE aims to foster research on the multiple aspects of empirical labor economics. The research agenda includes several themed areas of focus: the labor market, education and health economics, in particular early investments and intergenerational mobility.

The Choice Lab

The Choice Lab uses economic experiments to study individual decision making, in particular how people are motivated by moral, risk and institutional considerations. Areas of focus are global income inequality, tax policy, health care and management issues relevant to corporations and non-governmental organisations.

Recent working papers

Authors Title Publication
Johannes Haushofer, Charlotte Ringdal, Jeremy P. Shapiro & Xiao Yu Wang

Working Paper 25627/NBER Working paper series

Ingvild Almås, Alexander W. Cappelen & Bertil Tungodden

Cutthroat capitalism versus cuddly socialism: Are Americans more meritocratic and efficiency-seeking than Scandinavians?

Discussion Paper 4/2019, Department of Economics / NHH

Alexander W. Cappelen, Ranveig Falch & Bertil Tungodden

Working paper

Ingar Haaland & Christopher Roth

Beliefs About Racial Discrimination and Support for Pro-Black Policies

Discussion Paper 2/2019, Department of Economics / NHH

Aline Bütikofer, Christopher Cronin & Meghan Skira

Employment Effects of Healthcare Policy: Evidence from the 2007 FDA Black Box Warning on Antidepressants

Discussion Paper 1/2019, Department of Economics / NHH

Patrick Bennett & Amine Ouazad

Job Displacement, Unemployment, and Crime: Evidence from Danish Microdata and Reforms

Discussion Paper 32/2018, Department of Economics / NHH

Recent publications

Authors Title Publication

Marianne Bertrand, Sandra E. Black, Sissel Jensen & Adriana Lleras-Muney

Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labour Market Outcomes in Norway

The Review of Economic Studies, VOL 86, Issue 1, 1 JANUARY 2019, Pages 191–239

Henning Hermes, Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel, Felix Schmidt, Daniel Schunk & Valentin Wagner

Do children cooperate conditionally? Adapting the strategy method for first-graders

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization


Kjetil Bjorvatn, Alexander W. Cappelen, Linda Helgesson Sekei, Erik Ø. Sørensen & Bertil Tungodden.

Management Science

Michael F. Lovenheim & Alexander Willén

The Long-run Effects of Teacher Collective Bargaining

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (Forthcoming)

Alexander Willén & Anders Böhlmark

Tipping and the Effects of Segregation

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (Forthcoming)

Aline Bütikofer, Eirin Mølland and Kjell G. Salvanes

Childhood nutrition and labor market outcomes: Evidence from a school breakfast program

Journal of Public Economics, VOL 168, DECEMBER 2018, Pages 62-80

Selected publications

Authors Title Publication

Ingvild AlmåsAlexander W. CappelenKjell G. SalvanesErik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

What Explains the Gender Gap in College Track Dropout? Experimental and Administrative Evidence

American Economic Review, 2016, 106(5): 296-302

Pedro Carneiro, Katrine V. Løken and Kjell Gunnar Salvanes

A Flying Start? Maternity Leave Benefits and Long Run Outcomes of Children

Journal of Political Economy, 123(2), 2015, 365-412

Alexander W. Cappelen, James Konow, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

Just luck: An experimental study of risk taking and fairness

American Economic Review, 2013, 103(4): 1398-1413

Ingvild AlmåsAlexander W. CappelenErik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

Fairness and the Development of Inequality Acceptance

Science, 2010, 328(5982): 1176-1178

Sandra E. Black. Paul Devereux and Kjell Gunnar Salvanes

From the Cradle to the Job Market? The Effect of Birth Weight on Adult Outcomes of Children

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 122(1), 2007, 409-439

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