Submit process suggestions

Submit process suggestions

If you are struggling with inefficient work processes, we can help you with improvement and efficiency.


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We will look at all processes that are reported to us and assess whether they are suitable candidates for automation. Suitable processes are often characterized by predefined rules, a small degree of discretion, and high volume, but it is also possible to automate parts of a process where you get manual input from a case worker during the process.

We will give the process suggestions a score (1 to 5) on the following variables:

  • Strategic value - measurable results in strategic areas
  • Economic gain - how many work days we save by automation or reduction in other costs
  • Qualitative gain - measurably better quality of the process
  • Costs - how many work days it takes to carry out the process improvement
  • Operational need - complying with legal requirements, making the process more robust
  • Risk - related to resource availability, decisions, costs, accesses, etc.

Based on the scores of the processes, we will create a priority list and provide feedback to those who have submitted process suggestions.