Rated among the 90 best in the world


16 October 2017 12:36

Rated among the 90 best in the world

For the first time in seven years, NHH has made it onto the Financial Times’ list of the world’s best executive MBA programmes.

‘We have worked hard to develop our entire continuing education portfolio, including by introducing a new executive MBA in global seafood. I take this ranking as confirmation that we are on the right track,’ says NHH Rector Øystein Thøgersen.

Relevant topics

NHH has come in 88th place out of a total of 100 schools on this year’s list. Executive MBAs are experience-based master’s degree programmes for managers with extensive work experience. NHH’s ranking is based on three MBA programmes: MBA in Strategic Management , MBA in Management Control  and MBA in Global Seafood.

‘We have succeeded in our ambition to become fully relevant in terms of the topics chosen for our courses. A good example of this is the programme in strategic management, which has received excellent feedback. Decision-making is becoming more and more complex for managers. It has become more demanding to realise strategies, and the consequences of a wrong decision are greater than before. This makes continuing education even more important,’ says Thøgersen.

China tops the list

Sixteen criteria form the basis for the final ranking, of which graduates' pay and career development is the most important. The proportion of international students and staff, plus the proportion of women, are also among the criteria, as is knowledge production in the form of academic quality (doctoral degrees) and research publication.

Kellogg/HKUST Business School in China tops this year’s list.

The ranking is one of five sub-rankings that will be combined into the Financial Times’ European Business School Rankings, which will be published in December.

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