Specialisation in Seafood Management

Specialisation in Seafood Management

The Executive MBA with specialisation in Seafood Management is designed for people working in the seafood industry or related industries, where the need for sustainable innovation is increasingly important to succeed in a highly competitive and international environment.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
90 credits
Master of Business Administration
Application period
May-December 2024
Study start
January 2025

The Seafood Management specialisation is designed for a specific market – the seafood industry. This industry is growing and is of particular importance not only for Western Norway but also for the whole world, as it has a key role to achieve a sustainable food production.

Steffen Juranek. Photo: Ove Sjøstrøm

MBA in the heartland of the seafood industry

NHH Executive's MBA with specialisation in Seafood Management is gaining international attention.

This specialisation aims at preparing professionals for senior management positions in the seafood industry and related sectors by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise across key areas such as economics, strategy, management, marketing, finance, and accounting.

The specialisation augments this broad, general curriculum with a strong focus on the seafood industry, its challenges and opportunities. Innovation, sustainability and a global perspective are therefore main themes throughout the programme. The specialisation provides breadth and depth through course work that is topical, relevant, and tailored to address the critical issues of the seafood industry today and in the future.

specialisation structure

The specialisation consists of six modules each of which focuses on different subjects. The six modules include a weeklong on-campus session, digital and hybrid gatherings and technology enhanced learning elements. Four of the modules take place at NHH Campus Bergen and two modules take place abroad.

In addition to the six modules there will be be digital meetings of 4 hours duration that will take place in the weeks between the meetings, in total, there will be around six digital meetings for each module.

The specialisation consist of

  • Module 1: The seafood industry in a global context: Economics, markets and sustainability
  • Module 2: Innovation and technology
  • Module 3: Strategic analysis and sustainable business models
    Module 4: Management control and marketing
  • Module 5: Leadership and international management
  • Module 6: Finance and accounting
Linn Theres R. Nekkøy. Photo: Ove Sjøstrøm

We need new knowledge and innovation

Linn Theres R. Nekkøy is determined to contribute to the growth of the seafood industry in a sustainable manner, focusing heavily on sparking good innovation processes for the challenges in the seafood industry.




    First semester Module one and two
    9 January 2025 (18:00-21:00 CET)
    Digital welcome to the specialisation
    9-14 February 2025
    NHH Campus Bergen
    The seafood industry in a global context: Economics, markets and sustainability
    15-20 June 2025
    NHH Campus Bergen
    Innovation and technology
    Second semester
    Module three
    22-26 September 2025
    NHH Campus Bergen
    Hybrid meeting
    19-24 October 2025
    HEC Montréal
    Strategic analysis and sustainable business models
    Third semester Module four and five
    08-13 February 2026
    NHH Campus Bergen
    Management control and marketing
    31 May-05 June 2026
    NUS, Singapore
    Leadership and international management
    Fourth semester
    Module six
    20-25 September
    NHH Campus Bergen
    Finance and accounting
    4-6 November 2026
    NHH Campus Bergen
    Hybrid meeting

Close and personal guidance

To ensure consistency and quality of the study, and a close and personal guidance of all participants, a dedicated Academic Director will follow the students from the very beginning until the end. Students will also be supported early on by their Master Thesis supervisor.

Build a network

You will meet participants from a range of different backgrounds, from private companies to non-profit organisations, and public administration. What they have in common is a strong interest in the seafood industry, and together they bring invaluable industry experience to the classroom. The goal is to provide relevant competence at a high and appropriate academic level, allowing participants to relate general MBA topics to the seafood context, and to build a network for learning and further development outside the classroom sessions.

The students will develop new knowledge, gain skills, and increase the general competence that is required to lead the seafood industry into a more sustainable future with innovative ideas across the entire value chain.

Target group

The specialisation primarily targets professionals working in or wishing to work in the seafood industry or related industries. This includes professionals in public administration, suppliers of goods, services and technologies to the seafood industry, and many other industries where the need for strong business and management skills are increasingly important to succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly global and competitive.

The specialisation is suitable for both top and mid-level managers of all types of firms and organizations as well as specialists and professionals working in public administration or in trade and industry organizations. In particular, the specialisation aims to recruit international candidates in addition to excellent national applicants.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
90 credits
Master of Business Administration
Application period
May-December 2024
Study start
January 2025

Practical information

  • First information meeting at 18:00 CET on Monday 6 May 2024. Registration opens Wednesday 3 April 2024
  • Tuition fee NOK 490 000
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Six subject modules over a period of two years

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