Specialisation in Strategic Management

Specialisation in Strategic Management

The Strategic Management is the closest of the specialisation to a classic EMBA. Different perspectives are provided on subject areas within strategy, finance, innovation and management, which can contribute to better decisions and the development of one's own business.

Competition is getting tougher, margins smaller and resources scarcer. At the same time, expectations of you increase, whether you are a leader, specialist, or advisor. How can you meet expectations under increasingly demanding conditions? You can be the one who brings your company lasting competitive advantage with current knowledge in strategic management.

The specialisation intends to give students

  • different perspectives on disciplines within the field of strategy, economics, innovation and management that can contribute to better decision-making and development of their own enterprises. Theory and practical application are integrated in the programme, and the participants work on relevant issues from their own enterprises.
  • relevant research-based knowledge about strategic management in a broad perspective. Many enterprises are in a situation of constantly changing competition, often from international competitors, and an overall understanding is therefore necessary to be able to deal with challenges and create and take advantage of opportunities.
  • the ability to shed light on factors that help an enterprise to develop and mobilise resources in a way that creates lasting competitive advantages.  
  • networking opportunities for the purpose of learning and further development both in and outside the teaching situation.

Target group

The specialisation is aimed at people who work in enterprises that are or will be exposed to competition, and managers who are looking for professional development and in-depth knowledge of areas of strategic importance to their own enterprises.

Build a network

In the specialization, you will meet some of NHH's foremost researchers and guest lecturers from business and society. You and your fellow students represent a wide range of Norwegian business and administration. A diverse group of participants with complementary skills and backgrounds provides a unique learning environment and helps to promote different perspectives on business problems. The synergy effect between theoretical knowledge and the participants' practical experience creates an intensive, effective and engaging learning process.

Close and personal guidance

To ensure consistency and quality of the specialisation, and a close and personal guidance of all participants, a dedicated academic director will follow the participants from the very beginning until the end.

The academic director maintains a high academic level, has a strong commitment and a large degree of involvement in you and your learning.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
Master of Business Administration

Practical information

  • The spesialisation will be taught in Norwegian
  • The specialisation starts in January 23 2023
  • Two-year part-time spesialisation
  • Up to 32 perticipants per class
  • Tuition fee: NOK 445,000
  • Four subject modules over a period of two year

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Module 1: The big picture
Campus NHH, Bergen
Strategy in turbulent times
Soria Moria, Oslo
Changes in the surroundings I: Market undergoing change
HEC Paris
Study trip
NHH Campus, Oslo
Changes in surroundings II: Movements and trends
Zoom Online: Economics for non-economists
08.06.2023 Home exam, eight hours
Module 2: Customers, users and understanding the product market
Soria Moria, Oslo
Market segmentation, customer profitabbility and pricing
Campus NHH, Bergen
The customer/user I: Customer behaviour, sustainability and quantification
Soria Moria, Oslo
The customer/user II: Behavioural economics, gamification, A/S testing, experimental methods
Campus NHH, Bergen
Mangement and the role of managers
Zoom Online: Research methods for managers
14.12.2023 Home exam, eight hours
Module 3: Competitive advantages
NHH Campus, Oslo            
Strategy formulation: Positions, activities and resources  
Study trip: Doing business in Asia
Soria Moria, Oslo
Innovation as a source of competitive advantages I: Processes, management and organisation
Campus NHH, Bergen
Innovation as a source of competitive advantages II: Intangible resurses
Zoom Online: Valuation
23.05.2024 Home exam, eight hours
Module 4: The integrated picture
NHH Campus, Oslo
Execution and implementation I: People and change management
Campus NHH, Bergen
Execution and implementation II: Management, measurements and incentives
Campus NHH, Oslo
Group strategy
Campus NHH, Bergen
Expansion and new business areas
Zoom Online: Applied programming for managers
18.11.2024 Submission of master's thesis
28.11.2024 Home exam, eight hours
Campus NHH, Bergen
Defense of master's thesis, current topics and conclusion (Bergen)